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These are the top Filipino bands that have stamped their mark in 2010. The bands included in this list have released an album or have won awards this year. Another criteria set by Wikipilipinas is how they publicized and popularized their music online.

10. Tanya Markova
  • Genre: Happy goth
  • Members:
    • Harlon Agsaway, a.k.a. Norma Love (vocals)
    • Angelo del Pilar, a.k.a. Iwa Motors (vocals)
    • Ej Guevarra, a.k.a. Jennylyn Sucaldito (guitars)
    • Florante Sabas, a.k.a. Rez Curtis (guitars)
    • Francis Chavez, a.k.a. Skrovak Iskopanjo (bass)
    • Jasper Borbajo, a.k.a. Heart Abunda (keyboards)
    • Edu Broce, a.k.a. Rufa Mae Milby (drums)
  • Album:
    • Tanya Markova (MCA, June 2010)

Tanya Markova emerged as one of the most popular new bands in 2010. With their trippy and jovial songs, the band achieved mainstream success with their smash hit “Picture Picture” and follow up hits “Linda Blair” and “Disney”. They won three awards—Best New Artists, Best Music Video, and Best Live Act—in the final NU107 Rock Awards last November.

9. Ozawa
  • Genre: Pop alternative
  • Members:
    • Lauran Ozawa (vocals)
    • Bel Sayson (guitars)
    • Rommel dela Cruz (bass)
    • Otep Concepcion (drums)
  • Album:
    • Ozawa (Terno, April 2010)

Ozawa is neither Japanese nor fronted by a pornographic star—they are one of the freshest acts in the local band scene. Composed of young Filipino-Japanese Lauran Ozawa and veteran musicians Bel Sayson of The Amandas, Rommel dela Cruz (formerly of Barbie's Cradle), and Otep Concepcion (of Hardware Syndrome), Ozawa fuses youth and experience in their musicality and resulting to fresh sounding songs with a '90s pop alternative feel.

  • Genre: Rock
  • Members:
    • Marco de Leon (guitars)
    • Alsey Cortez (bass)
    • Ria Bautista (vocals/drums)
  • Albums:
    • Tala (Vicor, May 2005)
    • Paramita (Terno, April 2008)
    • Liyab (Blaster, August 2010)

Paramita has been around since 2003, with their debut album still unmatched in terms of popularity and went indie and experimental with their second album. Their latest album, however, offered more powerful and heavy tunes, but still maintaining their pop sensibility that has maintained their modest popularity among rock fans. Liyab, which literally means “blaze”, is packed with improved guitar lines and heavier pounding of the drums.

7. Wilabaliw
  • Genre: Fusion rock
  • Members:
    • Ian Tayao (vocals)
    • Luis Isok (guitars)
    • Francis Magat (bass)
    • Robert Dela Cruz (drums)
  • Album:
    • Wilabaliw (Independent, October 2010)

Wilabaliw may appear to be a superband of veteran musicians, but they chose the independent path to pursue more creativity and flavor to their sound, which is a vague mix of hard rock and roots island music.

  • Genre: Ska
  • Members:
    • Michael Santos (vocals/guitars)
    • Leonardo Castillo (guitars)
    • Daniel Quintero, Jr. (bass)
    • Mark “JR” Ibanez (trumpet)
    • Robert Santiago (tenor saxophone)
    • Lester San Juan (alto saxophone)
    • Roberto Villegas, Jr. (baritone saxophone)
    • Billy Adap (trombone)
    • Noel Salonga (percussions)
    • Kim Aries Patawaran (drums)
  • Albums:
    • Table for Ten (Viva, June 2010)

Dubbed as the “PambanSKAng Banda ng Pilipinas”, Bulacan's pride Skabeche earned their shot to fame only this year, despite being around since the early 2000s. Appearing in numerous ska compilation albums, they have released their debut album Table for Ten this year and has received good reviews and promotion. What makes this groovy band different from the others is that parts of the proceeds for each album purchase will go to a Bulacan-based children's welfare NGO.

5. Franco
  • Genre: Hard rock
  • Members:
    • Franco Reyes (vocals/guitars)
    • Gabby Alipe (guitars)
    • Paolo “8” Toleran (guitars)
    • Buhawi Meneses (bass)
    • Janjan Mendoza (drums)
  • Album:
    • Franco (MCA, May 2010)

Franco is indeed a supergroup, composed of four veteran mainstream musicians and a long-time underground frontman. Hailing from Cebu, vocalist Franco Reyes has finally achieved success in the mainstream with his first major label debut. To add up to their success, Franco received four major awards in the final NU107 Rock Awards in October.

4. Sleepwalk Circus
  • Genre: Post-rock
  • Members:
    • Francis Lorenzo (vocals/guitars)
    • Peavey Nicolas (guitars)
    • Laurie Maravilla (bass)
    • Jeric Dela Cruz (drums)
  • Album:
    • Great Secret Show (Terno, April 2010)

Sleepwalk Circus offers music that drowns the human psyche with swirling guitar riffs and odd arrangements—a unique listening experience on record and a hypnotizing live act on stage. Guitarists Peavey Nicolas and Francis Lorenzo won the Guitarist of the Year award in the 2010 NU107 Rock Awards, proving that dissonance and crescendo can create groundbreaking music.

3. Toyo
  • Genre: Pinoy rock
  • Members:
    • Erwin Cuenca (vocals/bass)
    • Mike Garay (guitars/vocals)
    • Jon-Jon Rey Lara (drums)
  • Album:
    • Sino ang Hindi ToTOYOin? (Independent, March 2010)

Toyos music resembles two things—Toyo, which literally means “soy sauce,” an everyday Pinoy food seasoning, and figuratively means “mental disorder.” The band, composed of activist musicians, plays a flavorful blend of Pinoy rock and blues for people who get nuts due to poverty. Their latest album is composed of 10 original Pinoy rock songs that dwells on the everyday plight of the Filipino masses.

2. SinoSikat
  • Genre: Soul, jazz, funk rock
  • Members:
    • Kat Agarrado (vocals)
    • Nick Azarcon (guitars)
    • Philippe Arreola (bass)
    • David Starck (keyboards)
    • Reli de Vera (drums)
  • Albums:
    • Sino Sikat (Warner, 2007)
    • Second Album (Warner, April 2010)

SinoSikat is the leading act in reviving the “Manila sound”--a healthy mixture of jazz, soul, funk, disco, and rock. Their second album, entitled Second Album, won the Best Jazz Recording in the 2010 Awit Awards, the biggest music awards in the Philippines.

1. The Brew
  • Genre: Rock
  • Members:
    • Ryan “Doc” Urbino (vocals/guitars)
    • Randy Padua (guitars)
    • Jody Salas (bass)
    • Duke Dadap (keyboards)
    • Alvin Zafra (drums)
  • Albums:
    • The Brew (Independent, 2005)
    • Kahit Saan (Independent, November 2010)

The Brew is the quintessential independent band, having performed in numerous gigs since their formation in 2000. Five years after their formation, they independently released their eponymous debut album, with hits like “Pasmado” and “Para Lang” receiving ample amount of air time. Five years after their debut release, their second album Kahit Saan offers heavier tracks, but the good old brew of funk, reggae, and blues makes the album an underground gem. Their two albums are downloadable for free on their official website, but the band encourages its fans to buy their albums by buying their albums in their gigs.




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