Top 10 Filipino Newscasters in 2009

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Filipino newscasters are celebrities in themselves in the Philippines and act not only as anchors for new bulletins on television, but also as hosts in other television programs. There are plenty of Filipino newscasters working in the country and overseas, some of whom were able to take on more challenging roles – such as Noli de Castro who eventually became the Vice President for the country.

Korina Sanchez

Korina Sanchez.jpg

One of the stars of the ABS-CBN media group, Korina Sanchez started out as a journalist over two decades ago. She studied Miriam College, which was then called the Maryknoll College Foundation. Her first stint in television was with the MBS Channel 4, a government-run television station. Apart from news casting, she has popular television shows such as Rated K and Morning Girls.

Ted Failon

Ted Failon.jpg

Before becoming a radio and television newscaster and host, Ted Failon was involved in politics where he was elected as a representative for congress for the Leyte district, from 2001 to 2004. Before becoming a politician, he worked as a room boy during high school and as a construction worker afterwards, until he entered college with the help of his sister, Teresa. His news casting jobs include Radyo Patrol Balita, TV Patrol World, and other shows.

Julius Babao

Julius Babao.jpg

Beginning with reporting jobs in RPN 9, Julius Babao became popular after he signed up with ABS-CBN where he was the host for Alas Singko Y Media, an early morning news and lifestyle program. Babao has received various awards including the PMPC Star Awards and the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children and Television award for being an excellent role model for children. He is married to fellow newscaster Christine Bersola.

Pinky Webb

Webb has been working in news casting and journalism for over a decade, but her popularity soared when she covered key events such as the Peninsula siege as well as the controversial Subic Rape Case involving American Daniel Smith and Nicole. She is now a host for Umagang Kay Ganda, ANC Live, and Radyo Balita.

Karen Davila

Davila is the host for XXX and TV Patrol World. She has received various awards for her years of work in journalism. Apart from television hosting, Davila is also a radio host for Pasada 630. She is the Haribon Foundation’s Ambassador for Conservation and the Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Build Ambassador.

Jessica Soho

Working for the GMA media company, Jessica Soho has won some of the most prestigious awards in journalism, including the George Foster Peabody Award. Her documentary about a hostage that was held in Cagayan Valley also won her the best Coverage of a Breaking Story from the New York Film Festival, where she was the first winner from the Philippines. Soho hosts the TV show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

Mel Tiangco

One of the first stars of GMA-7, Mel Tiangco first gained popularity as a television newscaster for rival network company, ABS-CBN until her suspension after endorsing a detergent in a television commercial. Today, she is the host of 24 Oras and Mel and Joey. She is also involved in civic work through the GMA Kapuso Foundation where she is the Executive Vice President.

Vicky Morales

Starting off her career as a commercial model for Coca-Cola, Close Up, and S-26, Vicky Morales is now a popular TV newscaster for the GMA Network. She hosted Wish Ko Lang in 2002, and Saksi with Arnold Clavio. Morales is married to King Reyno, a lawyer.

Mike Enriquez

Now the host for 24 Oras, Mike Enriquez has worked in media and broadcasting for several decades, beginning with the Manila Broadcasting Company. he has worked in several broadcasting positions, including news editor, broadcast reporter, station manager, and even program director. He is known for his trademark emphatic gruffness in reporting.

Henry Omaga Diaz

With over 25 years of experience in Philippine journalism, Henry Omaga Diaz is one of the well known Filipino newscasters. He has hosted various news programs in television, such as TV Patrol, Magandang Gabi Bayan, Bandila, and XXX: Exclusibong Explosibong Expose.


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