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The Philippines celebrates the Christmas season the longest. Filipinos are musically-inclined and there are a number of Christmas songs composed by Filipinos that can be heard over the airwaves as early as September. Groups of children and adults do the traditional house-to-house caroling for gifts and monetary handouts every year.

Pasko na Naman

This Christmas song was composed by Felipe de Leon. Lyrics were provided by Levi Celerio. The song heralds the coming of Christmas, season to sing and rejoice. An article from the Film Academy credits lyricist, arranger, musical director/conductor Pablo Vergara as the original composer of this song.

Ang Pasko ay Sumapit
Ang Pasko ay Sumapit is a favorite bouncy Christmas carol was originally a Visayan poem, Kasadya ning Taknaa, written in 1933 by Cebuano poet Vicente Rubi. Levi Celerio also provided the now-famous lyrics which tell of the birth of Jesus and enjoining the people to sing good songs, do good deeds, love one another and prepare for a bountiful new year.

Christmas in our Hearts
Jose Mari Chan and his daughter Liza expressed the true meaning of Christmas in this song he co-wrote with Rina Cañiza. This is a ballad about the birth of Jesus; that Christmas is not about buying expensive gifts; that it is about feeling the spirit of Christmas and our love for the Savior and mankind.

Sa Paskong Darating

Sa Paskong Darating tells of the anticipation people, especially children who have been obedient the whole year, for an extraordinary feast of fruits, chocolates and candies and more brought by Santa Claus. The carol is composed by S. Y. Ramos.

Pasko na Sinta Ko
Gary Valenciano provided a sentimental rendition of this unusual Christmas song. Lyrics were written by Aurelio Estanislao and music was composed by Francis Dandan. It tells the story of missing a lost love, more poignant during Christmas. It became a popular hit among overseas Filipino workers who long for family and loved ones during the holidays.

Silent Night

Silent Night is an English Christmas carol about the calm that is present every where prior to the birth of Jesus. The German hymn was composed by Franz Xaver Gruber. Father Josef Mohr wrote the German lyrics which were translated into English by Reverend John Freeman Young in 1859. The English version has been popular ever since.

12 Days of Pinoy Krismas

The Apo Hiking Society made a Tagalog version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, substituting local items to what was originally written in the song. Basketball, umbrella, sacks of rice, turtles, red balloons, sofa, green pillows, pork lechon, cases of beer, godchildren, puppies and lanterns complete the set.

Mano Po Ninongo

Composed by A. Torres and M.P. Villar, Sr., Mano Po Ninong (Mano Po Ninang) is about the Filipino tradition of greeting godparents and elders by touching the elder’s hand to a younger person’s forehead as a sign of respect. Of course, when done during Christmas, younger people expect to be given gifts.

Paskong Anong Saya

A Christmas song what wishes for everyone to be happy and prosperous. It also prays for the nation and its citizens to live in peace.

Noche Buena

Noche Buena is another Christmas song from the tandem of Felipe de Leon and Levi Celerio. The carol tells the story of the preparations everyone makes for a Noche Buena (Christmas Eve feast). Even if one only has bread and cheese to eat, it can still be a feast when shared with a loved one.




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