Top 10 Fastfood Restaurants In The Philippines In 2009

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Fine dining is good, but it is fast food that is most frequently visited due to affordability and accessibility. Nothing beats the allure of having food fast in this very instant age. But fast does not mean low in quality, as proven by these top 10 fast food restaurants in the Philippines.


Jollibee rose from humble beginnings to be the leading fast food chains in the Philippines. In 1975 it used to be an ice-cream parlor serving hot meals and sandwiches. With the coming of foreign franchise, Jollibee experimented with hamburgers until it came up with a recipe geared for a definitely Filipino flavor. The company’s rapid growth is attributed to its creative and innovative marketing programs, its dedication to research to continuously come up with products that will appeal to the Filipino palate and consistent staff training to provide product knowledge and quality service.


Chowking prides itself with its concept of quick-serve Chinese dishes, making it the pioneer. Noodles, dumplings and rice toppings were the dominant best sellers at Chowking since it started its operation in 1985. It also ventured into franchising before it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jollibee Foods Corporation in 2000. Chowking reaped the rewards from the innovative product and marketing expertise of Jollibee.


McDonald’s is an international franchise that enjoyed major success in the Philippines. It was brought in by George T. Yang through Golden Arches in 1981. It quickly became a huge success and McDonald’s branches began sprouting up all over the major cities in the Philippines. With its continued success came innovations and some new products were introduced that are more flavorful to suit the Filipino taste as consumers are not very familiar with bland food that needs additional condiments and spices as you eat. McDonald’s also started the 24/7 restaurants and 24/7 delivery service that are available in selected branches.


Two sisters and a sister-in-law were the brains behind the very successful Goldilocks when they opened their first bakeshop in 1966 in Pasong Tamo, Makati City. It was named after a fairytale character as the bakery concept was geared towards children and birthday celebrations. The variety of cakes and pastries they now sell are in great demand and always a standard take-home gift here and abroad.

Greenwich is considered the largest pasta and pizza chain in the Philippines right now. It started as a pizza store selling pizza slices over the counter when it opened in 1971 at the Greenhills Shopping Center. They sell thin-crust pizza, a major improvement from the other pizzas that were being sold during that time that almost resemble flat round bread with toppings because of the too-thick crust. Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired 80% shares of stocks in 1994 and bought out the remaining stocks in 2006 and formed a new company called Greenwich Pizza Corporation. New products, store renovations, new marketing and advertising strategies were put in place since then.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Harland David Sanders or simply Colonel Sanders is behind the very successful chain of fast food restaurants, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). The secret recipe for its chicken which consists of eleven herbs and spices is a very well guarded secret and is under lock and key. The company claims that there is only one copy of the recipe, signed by Sanders and written in pencil on a sheet of notebook paper. KFC’s main focus is chicken but has been selling new products to a more complete meal, different chicken-based products as well as items and desserts to complement its main product.


Shakey’s is another foreign brand that is enjoying huge success here in the Philippines since 1975. Pizza is the main product of Shakey’s and has several product innovations to keep their loyal customers satisfied. They also serve several ala carte meals geared for families and celebrations. Mojo potatoes (French fried potato slices with seasoned breading) is a favorite.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, another foreign franchise, has also gained foothold in Philippine soil attesting to the fact the Filipinos love to eat. It was brought here in 1984. Pizza Hut not only serves pizza. It also offers casual dining, serving a mix of American-Italian cuisine. With the company’s thrust to serve not only their customers but also their employees, Pizza Hut was recognized by Hewitt Associates and the Management Association of the Philippines as one of the 10 Best Employers in 2003. It also ranked fifth among the 40 companies in the Philippines vying for the award.

Tokyo Tokyo
Tokyo Tokyo is a Japanese fastfood chain operating in the Philippines since 1985. They serve traditional Japanese dishes like sashimi, tonkatsu, tempura, sushi and yakisoba and continued to come up with new dishes and promotions. Their growth is largely due to franchising. For the Filipino customers who love to eat almost anything with rice, their free rice refill promotion is a huge success.

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers Roasters opened its doors in the Philippines in 1995 and it immediately became one of the favorite places to dine, considering the number of roasted chicken houses that are already established here. From service only roasted chicken and side dishes, it has evolved into what it is today, a full-service restaurant. The unique taste of their chicken is said to come from their wood-fired rotisserie.




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