Top 10 Donut Stores in the Philippines 2009

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Pinoys are known to have a sweet tooth, and what better treat to satisfy our cravings than donuts? Here’s just ten of the donuts that we loved in 2009:

Go Nuts Donuts


A few years ago, GoNuts was a specialty hard to come by; you had to travel all the way to the Fort and get in line just to have a taste of these sumptuous doughnuts. Now GoNuts stores and stalls are everywhere! Snack on GoNuts on the way home from work, and remember to bring a box as “pasalubong”. Their donuts are reknowned for being super soft and tender, and they really melt in your mouth. The resident must-eats: their Pastillas de Leche and Amazing Glaze. Yum!

Dunkin Donuts


For many Pinoys, Dunkin Donuts bring back fond memories of childhood, as it used to be THE only major doughnut chain in the Philippines. Now in the big, powdery battle of the doughnuts, Dunkin is still a creamy force to be reckoned with. They’ve cut down on prices but the drawback is that their donuts are now a little smaller and have less filling than before. No matter: Filipinos are still dunkin’ their donuts, and consistent favorites are the Bavarian, Boston Crème and Choco Butternut flavors.

Krispy Kreme


It was a dream come true for Filipino donut lovers when Krispy Kreme came here in 2006, with its first branch at the Fort. Now there are 10 stalls and branches nationwide (all situated in Metro Manila). Many afficionados claim that Krispy Kreme donut – the Philippine version – is too sweet even for the Pinoy taste, but then again just looking at their donuts is enough to make you want to have a bite. Make sure to taste the New York Cheesecake or Chocolate Iced Custard. If you’re in the team who doesn’t like it too sweet, go for their world-famous Original Glazed. See? There’s always a happy medium.

Mister Donut

Here’s another alternative for those who want their donuts not-too-sweet. Mister Donut offers flavors that prove to be a refreshing break from sugar heaven. It actually started in the United States, but after it was bought by the company that owns Dunkin Donuts, Mister Donut stores in the US changed their name to Dunkin Donuts (with a few exceptions). Now, Mister Donut operates mainly in Asia. The big favorites are its Choco Cake donuts and their Choco Loaded Twists.

Country Style Donuts

Country Style is an alternative for you if you’re out to look for a different donut experience. If you’re a chocolate and a doughnut addict, you should try out their Triple Choco Boom flavor.


Cello’s! You can’t consider yourself a true-blue donut afficionado if you haven’t tried this out for yourself. Whatever effort you exert in order to get to any one of its two branches (Katipunan and Taft Ave) is really well worth it. Its stores are cozy nooks of donut nirvana, with their donuts achieving the perfect touch of sweetness (without being overly-so) and melt-in-your-mouth softness. Your biggest dilemma upon reaching a Cello’s store would be which donut you want to treat your taste buds to! But here’re a few suggestions: try out the Cheese flavor, Peanut Butter Oreo flavor, and Chocnut flavor. And the dips are just something you have to try out for yourself.

Hot Loops

This may be one of the donut industry’s best-kept secrets. Hot Loops provides a more affordable alternative to the big donut industries mentioned above – read: cheaper donuts with flavors to satisfy any sweet craving. If there’s one flavor you should try out, let it be the White Choco Fantasy. Or maybe the Choco Caramel Crunch. Or perhaps the Bavarian Dream? Wait, who says you have to stick to one?

Happy Haus

You could be familiar with Happy Haus; yes, it’s one of those stalls that you see in malls offering colorful and tasty-looking donut treats. These may be considered low-end donuts, but in these economically-challenged times, we shouldn’t turn our back on alternatives. Try out one for yourself for an affordable pick-me-up in the afternoon. Some donuts to make you happy: Cake Streussel and Choco Ring.

Hoops Donuts

Want something different from the ubiquitous chocolatey, sugary donut variants? Get some Hoops donuts, which boast of unique flavors such as mint, melon, black pepper, meat floss and even wasabi.

Street donuts

Remember the time when your mom would give you two pesos to spend for merienda, and you would buy the donuts (bread covered with heaps of sugar) sold by your friendly neighborhood street vendor? Well times have changed (and so have the prices), but then again you could always relive pleasant childhood memories by enjoying this sugar-y snack once again. Eat this treat with your little son or daughter and pass on the memories.




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