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Filipino blogs written in the Filipino language are lesser in number than the ones written in English. Nevertheless, these blogs have received a following among loyal Filipino readers:

Kwentong Tambay (

Kwentong Tambay is written by Nicanor David, an overseas Filipino worker living in the United States of America. The blog was recognized in 2007 by the Philippine Blog Awards as the Best OFW Blog. It has garnered so substantial a following among Filipino netizens that in 2006, PSICOM Publishing, Inc. published a compilation of the Kuwentong Tambay blog posts in a book of the same title. (

“Akala mo Facebook, yun pala hindi!” goes Facebuko’s tagline. This blog is adored by many Filipino readers because it is so similar to Facebook’s web layout that many first time users are tricked into thinking that it is actually a new social networking site for Filipinos. A labor of love by Jonas Roque, Facebuko’s fame in the Philippines rose as fast as Facebook’s which can be largely attributed to its fun and humorous “status updates”.

Ate Sienna ng Pansitan (

Ate Sienna is the creator of, a website she dedicates to fellow Filipinos. The blog is written in Taglish to be able to convey the author’s message more effectively. As Ate Sienna wrote in her blog, “may direct translation ba ang "okray", "wis", "popak", "praning", "jologs" sa wikang Ingles na ganun din ang effect sa tao?”

Maikling Kwento is a blog by Mark Obsioma of Cagayan de Oro. It contains short stories written in Filipino. The short stories were part of a writing assignment that Obsioma and his classmates accomplished in college. Regardless of the fact that the entire blog lists only eight Filipino short stories, the site still receives wide readership among Filipino literature enthusiasts.

PinoyTumblr uses the blogging platform Tumblr to spread blog posts and photos written in Filipino. It is a community blog as it encourages contributions from other writers. As with writing posts in Tumblr, write-ups and photos may be reblogged by the site’s followers.

BulagSpot is written by an engineer and a Google and Blogger enthusiast. The site displays this obvious fascination with the two websites, with its icon designed as a Blogger icon wearing sunshades. The site gained popularity especially during the time of Tropical Storm Ondoy because of its regular Meralco Brownout Schedule updates.

Alimbúkad (

Alimbúkad is the blog of Roberto T. Añonuevo, a Filipino poet, critic, editor, and translator. Alimbúkad is derived from Tagalog, Bicolano, and Visayan words describing the gentle blossoming of a flower when it blooms, or a slowly rising sun. The blog is written to promote further appreciation of the Filipino language and Philippine literature.

Tagalog Online Pocketbook (

Tagalog Online Pocketbook or TOP is a blog that displays a collection of original Filipino stories written in a style akin to Tagalog pocketbooks usually sold in bookstores or on sidewalks. The stories can be read only after registration. The site is a community and therefore the user should agree to follow the rules stipulated at the site’s Lobby.

Pagod Ka Na Ba Maging Si Juan? (

Pagod Ka Na Ba Maging Si Juan? was inspired by the author’s initial plan to write a book about the reasons on why some Filipinos become disheartened with being Filipinos. The blog aims to stir feelings of nationalism and pride among Filipinos through its articles and to solicit comments and opinions as well. ( is a blog written in Ilocano. It is owned by Ka Iddo, a media practitioner and businessman from Baguio City.




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