Top 10 Beers of the Philippines

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They may not be as popular as their Irish or German counterparts when it comes to beers but a quick taste of the top Pinoy beer brews can change that. Beyond its flavorful blend of brewed and fermented grains, Philippine beers are made to serve festivities and bond Juan dela Cruzes together in good faith. Here are top 10 Beers and the reasons why you should try them:

San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen
Characterized by its bitter-sweet hop flavor, this classic beer brand has long been spicing up many celebrations. Made with 5% alcohol by volume, this beer comes with the “Grande” (1,000ml) that’s like having a brewery in a party.

San Miguel Beer Cerveza Negra

Don’t let its appearance fool you. It’s one of those beers that can scare a casual drinker away but its smooth texture, little aftertaste and hot weather compatibility tosses the balancing act.

Red Horse Beer
This beer brand has its name serving its purpose as it truly gives that kick in every gulp. With 6.9% in a 500ml bottle of rich-bodied spirits, people call it the devil’s brew. This is one of the bitter forces that Pinoys take pride of.

San Miguel Beer Light
This is the health conscious’ best friend. Its low calorie content comes with the same full-bodied flavor without leaving alcohol content behind. It is definitely one of those light lagers that do the job minus the guilt and one of the best of its kind in the Philippines and abroad.

Beer na Beer

Launched in 1988 as Beer Pale Pilsen, this beer is the flagship offering of Asia Brewery. Its 6% alcohol content and reformulated flavor takes beer aficionados by surprise. Its clean, refreshing taste has won 3 Monde Selection Gold Medals in Brussels and is considered one of the most preferred beer brands today.

Gold Eagle Beer

This one goes to all casual drinkers who just miss the rich taste of the old brew without the guilt. Light-bodied and smooth, this makes an ideal beer for beer starters and a decent gulp for experienced drinkers.

San Miguel Draft Beer

It is San Miguel’s flagship brand and one of the country’s leading brews. Its crisp and smooth texture blended with a sweet malt taste makes good reason this beer is currently exported in over 40 countries worldwide.

San Miguel Super Dry

With a golden body a mild citrus taste built for hot temperatures, this beer is perfect on a hot afternoon splash for those who need to quench their thirsts and end their longing for a good beer.

San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer

A perfect mixture of malt and hop with a mild sweetness and easy-to-gulp texture, its traditional recipe makes an instant favorite among all beer fans who want to experience beer in its true form.

San Miguel Strong Ice

If you’re looking for that extra-satisfying flavor and aroma that lasts the full night, this beer goes all the way. It sends out a sweet, fruity taste topped with 7% alcohol that instantly makes someone a beastly drinker.




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