Tomas Bernabeu Morato

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Tomas Bernabeu Morato

October 12, 1939 – Effectivity of Appointment October 23, 1939- Assumed duties November 10, 1939 (approval of appointment) to July 19, 1942

Tomas B. Morato was born on July 3,1887 in the picturesque seaport of Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. He was a full-blooded Spaniard and the only son in the family. His father was Francisco Morato a ship captain who sailed from Spain to the Philippines. At a very young age in 1903 when his father brought him here. He was in the lumber business where he amassed quite a fortune.

While in the Phippines his father worked in a local shipping company i.e.transporting cargo of lumber and copra to the coastal towns of Calauag and Baler. It was in Baler where he met President Manuel L. Quezon and became the best of friends. In 1904 he left the boat and stayed in Calauag where he started his lumber business. It was Manuel L. Quezon who encourage and forced him to join politics. He ran for Mayor in Calauag and won easily. Later on his second term as mayor, Manuel L. Quezon asked him to come to Manila to join him to build a new city, and he could not refused him.

Technically, Morato was the first Mayor of Quezon City, because although his appointment paper dated November 30,1939,he made retroactive on October 12,1939, the day Quezon City was officially created.

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