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Don Tomas Aguirre is a Filipino capitalist best known for being the Chairman of Banco Filipino and BF Homes, Inc.


Success of his parents

Tomas was the eldest son of Don Apolonio Aguirre and Dona Pilar Banzon. Don Apolonio was an astute businessman having established a pawnshop, Agencia de Empenos de Aguirre, and an insurance firm. The earnings from these businesses allowed the family to invest in land in Las Pinas, Paranaque and Caloocan.

Business profile

Banco Filipino was the brainchild of Tomas, which he founded in 1964. Under his management, the bank once became the largest savings bank in the Philippines, and was even voted most preferred bank in Metro Manila in 1975. He also began purchasing raw lands in Paranaque, Las Pinas and even Cavite. These raw lands were later developed into subdivisions and named BF Homes. BF got its name from Banco Filipino and is the largest subdivision in Asia.

However, Tomas got into an intense rivalry with former Far East Bank President and Central Bank head, Jobo Fernandez. Fernandez offered to have another group take over the bank after its closure because of its insolvency but Tomas believed Fernandez wanted the bank for himself.

Tomas sold lots to buyers who availed of Banco Filipino’s mortgage financing. These buyers would later on be the market for Tomas’s insurance companies, construction services and even utilities.

Tomas has already chosen Anthony to be his success in all of his businesses. Anthony was a summa cum lauded from [La Salle]] and a master’s degree from Harvard University. He was the most qualified among his children to take over the family business. His other son, Bobby, had little involvement and worked sparingly in the family business. He even flew to Florida right after the bank’s closure I n1984.

However, Anthony died before Tomas, and so the patriarch selected his third son Adolfo to become the Chairman of Banco Filipino.

Just before Tomas’s death, Bobby orchestrated a hostile board coup and ousted his brother Adolfo as Chairman and Director.

Siblings rivalry

Suing siblings run in the Aguirre family. Tomas has sued both his brother Pedro and his only sister, Remedios Dupasquier. The former was over properties being rented by Banco Filipino as branch sites, while the squabble with her sister was also about a piece of property. Tomas, Pedro and Remedios split their inheritance three-ways. Tomas later on acquired the shares of Pedro in Banco Filipino.

Other matters

Tomas enjoys fully his widower-hood, having wooed and courted beauty queens, and named some of the streets in BF after them. This trait was also inherited by Bobby who is known to lavish his girlfriends with expensive gifts. Tomas named one of the streets in BF Homes after his late wife Adelita Chioco which runs the whole stretch of Phase 2. He also named another street after his late mother, Pilar Banzon


Tomas is the grandfather of TV host and former girlfriend of President Noynoy Aquino, Shalani Soledad. Soledad is the daughter of Adolfo Aguirre, the third son of Tomas. His grandson Tony Boy, Bobby’s son by Pinky de Leon was one of those acquitted by the Supreme Court on the Vizconde Massacre.




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