The Mother's Revenge

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The Mother's Revenge is a clay sculpture created by Jose Rizal in Dapitan, 1894. It is in the collection of the Colegio Medico Farmaceutico.

Rizal was inspired to create the sculpture by an incident that occurred while he was in Dapitan, where he was deported and set up a school, in 1894. Some of his students secretly went to Dapitan in a boat from Talisay and a puppy of Rizal's dog Syria tried to follow them and was eaten by a crocodile. Rizal scolded the boys, telling them that if they had not gone to town without his permission the puppy would not have died and its mother would have been spared the sorrow of losing an offspring. He further stressed the moral of the incident by making a statuette showing the mother dog killing the crocodile, to avenge her lost puppy. He called this “The Mother’s Revenge.”

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