The Legend of the Banana

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Banana tree with flower

When the world was still new, spirits and ghosts roamed everywhere especially in gloomy caves and in every niche and corners under the houses of mortals. Their presence can be felt and their voice can be heard at night but they were never seen.

A brave and beautiful young girl named Raya, would always search for spirits inside the caves and along the forests, bringing along a lighted candle. She has always felt the presence of a kind spirit, following her all the time.

One day, Raya heard someone call her name and when she looked up, she saw a handsome young man. The young man's name is Sag-in, the spirit who kept on following her. Sag-in confessed that he had fallen in love with a mortal. They eventually got married and had a child.

Sag-in knew that his time on earth is short-lived for he is a spirit-man and he had to return to the spirit world soon. When the time has come and he had to leave, he called Raya and explained why he had to go. As he was vanishing, he told Raya that he was going to leave a part of him. Raya saw a bleeding heart on the ground, she took it and planted it. She took care of it night and day until one day, long green leaves sprouted from the grave.

One day, the tree bore a fruit that is shaped like a heart. She caressed it believing that this could be Sag-in's heart until it slowly opened and long golden fruits sprouted from it. She peeled and bit the fruit and heard Sag-in's voice telling her:

"Yes, Raya, it is my heart. I have reappeared to show you that I will never forsake you and our child. Take care of this plant, and it will take care of you in return. It's trunk and leaves will give you shelter and clothing. The heart and fruits will be your food. And when you sleep at night, I will stand and watch by your window. I will stay by your side forever!"




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