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The Buzz
The Buzz 2007 logo.
The Buzz 2007 logo, which was first used on its 8th Anniversary.
Genre Talk show
Created by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.
Starring Boy Abunda
Ruffa Gutierrez
Cristy Fermin
Country of origin Philippines
Running time 2 hours
Original channel ABS-CBN
Original run July 4, 1996 – present
Preceded by Showbiz Lingo Plus
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The Buzz (premiered 1999) is a top-rating weekly entertainment news and talk show on ABS-CBN hosted by Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda and Cristy Fermin. It features latest gossips in Philippine showbiz industry. It currently airs every Sunday afternoons on ABS-CBN and The Filipino Channel. For seven years, The Buzz lorded over its timeslot and was acclaimed as the No.1 showbiz-oriented Sunday talk show, boasting itself as the program that gets the most explosive and exclusive celebrity news and revelations. Thanks to the hosting chops of showbiz' leading triumvirate, Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino and Cristy Fermin, The Buzz undeniably changed the face of showbiz news. It redefined the landscape of Philippine showbiz news by going beyond the stars and the latest dirt about them but focusing instead on relevant stories that affect the entertainment industry.

At present, The Buzz leads ratings game nationwode. It even gained praises when S-Files literally copied its presentation of stories, even the voice-over style of Boy Abunda.<ref>"Has 'S-Files become 'The Buzz's' copycat?", Manila Bulletin, October 21, 2006. </ref>



Boy Abunda – is not just one of the most notable talk show hosts in the Philippines today, he’s also a successful celebrity manager who handles a lot of the big stars in the industry today. In spite being a part of a lot of showbiz talk shows such as Startalk and The Buzz, Boy has been successfully able to expand to other topics through his shows Homeboy, Private Conversations and Kontrobersyal. Aside from The Buzz, he currently hosts Boy & Kris together with his friend and former The Buzz co-host Kris Aquino.

Ruffa Gutierrez - is almost equally controversial as Kris Aquino. Being in the limelight and popular for endorsements, ABS-CBN decided to finally tap her as the permanent replacement for Kris Aquino. She became popular in the Philippine entertainment industry when she won as second runner-up in the Miss World beauty pageant on year 1993. She was married to a Turkish businessman named Yilmas on year 2003. Her wedding was the wedding of the year on 2003. Prior to her marriage, she was a GMA-7 talent. Ruffa Gutierrez temporarily took over as host of The Buzz when Kris filed a maternity leave. At the height of her temporary hosting stint on The Buzz, her divorce with her Turkish husband became known to the public. On the same show, she gave an exclusive interview regarding the matter. [1] When Kris decided to leave The Buzz, the network appointed her to be the permanent replacement of Kris Aquino. [2]

Cristy Fermin – is definitely one of the most popular and enduring Filipino talk show hosts in recent years. She used to be a political journalist who later concentrated on writing about celebrities. Back in 1995, Cristy had a popular daily afternoon showbiz talk show called, Cristy Per Minute. She also hosted the Sunday showbiz news/talk show, Showbiz Lingo with Butch Francisco.

Former Host

Kris Aquino – certainly the only newsmaker one of the most influential and prominent film and television personalities in the Philippines. During her younger years, she was more popularly known as the youngest daughter of former President Corazon C. Aquino and the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino. These days however, Kris is more popular than ever with her various product endorsements, her blockbuster hits like Sukob and Feng Shui, as well as her list of hit shows such as Today with Kris Aquino, Morning Girls with Kris and Korina, and Good Morning Kris. She has certainly established herself as local showbiz’s Queen of Talk. Kris is currently busy hosting Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal and Boy & Kris. Most of the time, viewers watch The Buzz not only to hear the scoops for the day, but also to hear the remarks and personal revelations of Kris, making her most popular and anticipated newsmaker of the Philippines. The Buzz had the highest rating episodes among all showbiz-oriented talkshows, most of which were about Kris. However, Kris decided to formally leave The Buzz and end her eight years of stay in the show. The reasons that were speculated were for her to have more time with her newborn baby, and that she doesn't want to work with co-host Cristy Fermin. At the height of her pregnancy and prior to her final decision, Ruffa Gutierrez and Dawn Zulueta temporarily substituted her. [3]

Former Star Buzzer

  • Ricky Lo (moved to GMA Network/Q (television network)
  • Anne Curtis (Wanna Buzz segment host)
  • Chokoleit (Wanna Buzz segment host)
  • Pokwang (Wanna Buzz segment host)
  • AJ Dee (Wanna Buzz segment host)
  • John "Sweet" Lapus (moved to the rival show S-Files)

Guest Co-hosts

At the height of the controversies surrounding the past relationship of Kris Aquino and Joey Marquez on September 2003, the former decided to temporarily leave The Buzz because she taught that she will no longer be credible to host the show after all that happened to her. The Buzz temporarily invited guest co-hosts for the show to replace Kris.

After Ai-Ai's temporary hosting stint, Cristy Fermin became the regular replacement of Kris. However, on December 2003, Kris Aquino decided to go back. The management decided to bring back Kris and form the most powerful triumverate in the showbiz industry.

When Kris Aquino decided to temporarily leave television for the last two crucial months of her pregnancy, The Buzz also had to look for a substitute host. Starting March 11, 2007,

On March 11, 2007, Ruffa Gutierrez became the temporary replacement for Kris. [4] Dawn Zulueta also served as a guest co-host when Ruffa Gutierrez went to the USA for a vacation. [5] When Ruffa returned, the network offered her a permanent hosting stint on The Buzz. Starting on June 24, 2007, Ruffa Gutierrez will become the permanent replacement of Kris Aquino on the show. Ruffa signed a one-year exclusive contract with ABS-CBN. She is also expected to do a drama series for the network. [6]

On June 17, 2007, Mariel Rodriguez, known for hosting the late night edition of Pinoy Big Brother, served as a substitute co-host.

Anne Curtis hosted the show also known for her as a good host.


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