Ten Outstanding Filipino Scientists (book)

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Ten Outstanding Filipino Scientists (book cover)

Ten Outstanding Filipino Scientists by Queena N. Lee-Chua is published by Anvil Publishing Inc. in 2000.


About the book

Ten Outstanding Filipino Scientists features several prominent scientists in various fields:
Ramon Barba (agriculture);
Josefino Comiso (environmental physics);
Jose Cruz, Jr. (electrical engineering);
Lourdes Cruz (marine science);
Fabian Dayrit (chemistry);
Rafael Guerrero III (zoology);
Lilian Pateña (plant biotechnology);
Enrique Ostrea, Jr. (pediatric pathology);
Mari-Jo Ruiz (mathematics);
and Gregory Tangonan (communications technology).

Intended not only for high school and college students, but also Filipino science-enthusiasts, scholars, educators, and parents,this book also features fascinating facts and figures, historical oddities, world record holders, humorous accounts, do-it-yourself experiments, and local commercial and political applications of various technologies. Ten Outstanding Filipino Scientists is a testament to Filipino perseverance, ingenuity, and scientific skill.

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  • Lee-Chua, Queena N. Ten Outstanding Filipino Scientists. Bagong Ugong: Anvil Publishing, Inc., 2000.



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