Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines

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The Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines Association (TOBSPA) is a program that searches for eminent boy scouts in the Philippines. Their goal is to recognize youths who embody superior quality in academic and community involvement while maintaining good moral values. All winners follow a “a glorious tradition of being looked up to as worthy sons of the country, ready to be of service to our people and as the cream of the crop among the youth today.”<ref name="test1">TOBSP Profile of Accomplishments Phiscout.com (Accessed 21 March 2010)</ref>



TOBSPA was founded in 1989 by former secretary of education and president of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) Isidro Cariño. By initiating a national search for brilliant, outstanding young adults, he believed that it would greatly contribute to his propaganda in the Department of Education's Values Education program.

TOBSPA was formally conceptualized in 1995 wherein ten deserving boy scouts were given national awards. To ascertain that all members of the BSP stay dedicated to their virtues and service to the scouting community, the said association has become a development arm of BSP. Thus, the advocacy in social responsibility and youth development has increased.

In 2009, TOBSPA celebrated 20 years of giving national recognition to outstanding boy scouts. Currently, all 208 awardees are still active in serving the scouting movement as senior leaders and councilors. 168 are professionals, 30 are in college and 10 are high school seniors.

Criteria for awardees

All candidates must have good academic credentials. They should have no failing grades and should be able to express their personalities in an articulate manner. Leadership skills and involvement in non-academic activities such as promoting the betterment of the community and the people are essential to qualify for TOBSPA. Applicants should have good moral conduct and a strong faith in God.





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