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There’s no question about it: Filipinos love to sing. We sing about love, about food, about friends and family, and yes, even songs that help us get through challenges. Inspirational songs are there to help us remember that no matter what we face, there’s always a better day ahead of us. This past 2009, which came with so many challenges and adventures, inspirational songs provided a pleasant soundtrack that helped remind us of our strength as a people. Here are ten of the top inspirational songs that we listened to this 2009:

May Bukas Pa (Rico J. Puno)

The huge success of the TV show “May Bukas Pa” catapulted this old hit once again to mainstream popularity; you could hear little streetchildren singing this song at the top of their lungs. This song inspires us that no matter what today will bring, there is always a tomorrow waiting for us.

Para Sa ‘Yo (Manny Pacquiao)

Manny knocked out two of the biggest, fiercest opponents this 2009, and we are united in our pride in having our very own “pambansang kamao”. And when Manny proudly declares that his fight is for the Filipinos, there’s probably little else that can inspire us more.

Heal the World (Michael Jackson)

Though this song was released more than a decade ago (in 1991), its message rings true perhaps more so now. With the onslaught of Ondoy this past September, we are once again reminded that we truly have to do our part in contributing towards the healing of our land. And as it is the year of Michael Jackson’s death, 2009 is the time to look back on this hit, which he declared to be his greatest song ever.

Bayan Ko (Freddie Aguilar)

“Ibon mang may layang lumipad…” Edsa 1 babies probably grew up hearing the soulful chords to this patriotic song, but teenagers now were born long after the revolution that brought freedom back to our country; it almost seemed as if Edsa was doomed to the cobwebs of unremembered history. Then Corazon Aquino left us, and once again a spark of nationalism rose in the hearts of Filipinos. Youths began to realize that the democracy we’re enjoying now were paid for by the blood of many heroes, and the song Bayan Ko should inspire us to protect this freedom, even to death.

I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash)

Though this song was released in the early 1970’s, until now its upbeat tune is an easy favorite. “I can see clearly now the rain has gone…” is specially appropriate after the torrents of rain in late September and October. How we as a nation recovered after the storm is a testimony of the innate Filipino strength and resilience.

Mga Kababayan Ko (Francis Magalona)

On March 2009, the Philippines was shocked to hear of the demise of one of the premiere musical geniuses of our country – Francis Magalona. Many of his songs captivated us, but this is specially true with one of his earliest hits, Mga Kababayan Ko (1990), which spoke of love and pride for being a Filipino.

Note to God (Charice Pempengco)

Charice rose to fame in the international music arena, and she herself is an inspiration to legions of Filipinos. She released her first single, Note to God, on May 2009. Note to God is a prayer to God; some of these prayers include having strength, love and faith amidst all the problems that the world is facing. This song also reminds us that we can’t possibly face all our troubles on our own, and that we need God to see us through it all.

You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban)

This is a very popular inspirational song; in fact, it has been covered by different artists more than 125 times. One of the most popular versions of this song was sung by Josh Groban, who came here to the Philippines in 2007. Though it wasn’t directly stated, “You Raise Me Up” is a tribute to God, who is the one who enables us to rise above everything – “…but when you come and I am filled with wonder/ Sometimes I think I glimpse eternity.”

Amazing Grace

This is a classic song that will always remind us of the amazing grace that God offers to all His children. All we need is God’s love, and the fact that we already have it abundantly should inspire us to live our best life for Him.

Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko (ABS-CBN)

This is probably one of the catchiest tunes that ever graced Pinoy airwaves. It is a rare kind – an LSS that’s actually pleasant to have. This song reminds us that no matter how dark the road we travel, there will be somebody who will always serve as our light – and that somebody is God. This is truly an excellent song, one that goes beyond its main purpose as a holiday station ID. It truly speaks of hope and faith in God, amidst all types of adversity.

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