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Launched in 1995, Tatsulok is the country's best-selling Mathematics magazine for high school. It also has fun, challenging math and word games. It gives the students exercises and articles that relates math to real-life situations,


  • Balitang Math: Updates readers on latest Math news.
  • Number Chef: Features activities and recipes to try--practicing math while cooking.
  • Number Trivia: Numeric update on amazing and interesting math facts.
  • Life Point: Features activities that highlight the values integrated in the magazine.
  • They did it First: Features mathematicians through a biography of their works and achievements.
  • Readers' Comments: A section where readers/students may express their opinion/display their work in Math.
  • Feature: Delves on the more intricate, advanced, and unfamiliar terrain of the subject.
  • Fun and Math: Hosts light learning and fun activities.
  • Bahay Mathalino: Features students from the different schools through biography of their achievements.
  • Sudoku Puzzle: Learn how to play this popular game of logic.
  • Math Jokes: Offers jokes to show the light side of mathematics.