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Tantra Online

Tantra Online is an MMORPG developed and published by HanbitSoft, also the Korean distributor of StarCraft. Tantra Online is the worlds first MMORPG inspired by ancient Indian myth where three gods, Vishnu ‘the god of creation’, Brahma ‘the god of maintenance’, and Siva ‘the god of destruction’ coexist. When the harmony among the three divinities break down, its time for war.

Like other MMORPG games, you have to create a character by choosing one of the 8 tribes in tantra, and kill monsters to attain higher level. Leveling can be done either by solo or you can create/join a party. Once in a party, the experience and money drops of each monster is divided to each party member.


Game Features

Fight along with your friends online
  • Tantra provides beautiful full 3D world view and character animation through high quality graphic based on Lith-tech game engine.
  • With the "Three-God system", Tantra provides massive battle between users. A users selects own God among the three. This selection of God provides user tension and motivation to participate in aggressive battles.
  • God's War is the most important game feature of Tantra which is leading motivation for playing Tantra Users can select their own god and for the God's War, users can learn attractive God's skills and gain various benefits as a reward.
  • Tantra provides oriental cultural zones as a new map.
  • Avatar system makes gamers freely choose characters. Tantra provides 8 tribes based on 4 types of classes.

Eight Tribes of Tantra

  • Vidya - yaksa/gandharva. The Buffer. Most of his/her skills is for support (e.g. increase max hp, increase attack rate, increase magic resistance, increase defense, heal, etc.). The basic function of this job is to keep members in the party healthy and well. This job is common and often important in areas with high monster levels. These characters often have low attack power but are hard to kill because they have heal and full support skills. They use battle weapon and shield. The most common ones are full support(fs) vidyas who only put their skill points into support.
Lots of battles and epic quest awaits players
  • Nakayuda - yaksa/gandharva. It is a battle-type yaksa/gandharva, and wears a battle weapon. Its build up is heart-muscle, or sometimes, others use heart-nerve. They bear high damages and stuns (once stunned, one can't move or use skill until the effect is gone at about 8 seconds, depending on the level of stun). Their special attacks are heal and poison.
  • Samabat - deva/garuda. The Summoner. This class summons powerful Kittens and Hoodlums to attack their enemies. They also have the skill that allows the tapas recovery to hasten.
  • Abikara - deva/garuda. The Nuker. They deal high damages, so-called "nukes" but suffer due to lower hp compared to other tribes. One of the most feared classes in tantra.
  • Karya - asura/raksasha. The Hunter. This is the class that wields the bow, and uses skills that deal damage from afar. Their skills are honed to hit the vital points of their enemies and try to cripple them before they even get close. They summon Wolves to aid them and use skills that immobilize their enemies.
  • Druka - asura/raksasha. The Assassin. This class possess the highest damage dealing capability. They usually do 1 hit kills, or high powered 2 hit combos that kill enemies before they can even see them coming. They are the masters of stealth, agility and of course, firepower. The only setback is they somewhat have lower HP than other melee chars. In fact, Drukas have the record for the highest damage output in tantra, dealing at least 26,000 damage to a monster.
  • Satya - naga/kimnara. They often have low damage for their best build up is pure heart. Their main duty is to "tank" all monsters. When they are in a party, monsters (except a boss) prefers to hit nagas. Satya has high hp and defense because of their chakra build and skills.
  • Banar - naga/kimnara. Battle-type naga.

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  1. Tantra-Online and Tantra Hanbiton Soft. (Korean) Hanbiton is the Company that Promote and Develop the Game, and here we supposed to test the game.
  2. Tantra.ph The well known Philippine server of Tantra (Company: "ABS-CBN Interactive", Philippines). ABS-CBN Interactive has recently made it as Free-to-play game server whereas the player has an option to pay only for special items and other things.