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Map of Leyte showing the location of Tanauan

Tanauan is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Leyte, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 45,056 people in 9,224 households.


Tanauan is politically subdivided into 54 barangays.

  • Ada
  • Amanluran
  • Arado
  • Atipolo
  • Balud
  • Bangon
  • Bantagan
  • Baras
  • Binolo
  • Binongto-an
  • Bislig
  • Cabalagnan
  • Cabarasan Guti
  • Cabonga-an
  • Cabuynan
  • Cahumayhumayan
  • Calogcog
  • Calsadahay
  • Camire
  • Canbalisara
  • Catigbian
  • Catmon
  • Cogon
  • Guindag-an
  • Guingawan
  • Hilagpad
  • Lapay
  • Limbuhan Daku
  • Limbuhan Guti
  • Linao
  • Magay
  • Maghulod
  • Malaguicay
  • Maribi
  • Mohon
  • Pago
  • Pasil
  • Pikas
  • Buntay (Pob.)
  • Canramos (Pob.)
  • Licod (Pob.)
  • San Miguel (Pob.)
  • Salvador
  • San Isidro
  • San Roque (Pob.)
  • San Victor
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Elena
  • Santo Niño Pob. (Haclagan)
  • Solano
  • Talolora
  • Tugop
  • Kiling
  • Sacme

There is a yearly town festival held at Tanauan Poblacion from the 14th to the 16th of August, commencing at Canramos on the 14th, Licud on the 15th and culminating in San Roque on the 16th. During the 15th of August there is a big festivity held at the town center that includes all elementary and high school students dressed in colorful costumes performing dances and routines that follows a street parade around the municipality. The festival is called "Pasaka" which is a waray word meaning invitation to progress, health, and luck for the inhabitants for the coming year.

The festival is so popular and so merry that it encourages expatriates to visit during this time of year. The festival also invites people from elsewhere who wish to join and enjoy the festivity and are all welcomed by the locals in their own homes regardless of whether they know them or not.

Balikbayans, a colloquial word that describes former residents who migrated overseas, also finds it interesting and exciting to visit or spend their holiday in the town during this time of the year. Tanauan has a great diversity of "balikbayans" coming from all around the world. This occurrence has never been more evident than the festival for the year 1998, where the yearly beauty pageant being held during the fiesta as part of the cultural activities were joined in by young candidates who are children of former local residents but who have been living overseas for many years. The young beauties came from Australia and USA, who were there on a long holiday, the main purpose of which was to learn the original culture of their parents. These two young beauties ended up the winner and the first runner up. The winner and who was crowned Miss Tanauan at that time was Jetheth, a daughter of two former Filipino residents. She is kayumangi beauty who migrated to Sydney - Australia when she was 4-yrs old and has since lived in Sydney. The first runner-up was also a daughter of former Filipino residents who have lived in USA for many years. This young fair complexioned beauty also holds US citizenship. Both girls joined for fun and excitement and both had the time of their lives.

Regular balikbayans to the town during the festival come from all over the world, such as USA, Germany, Canada, England, and most are from Australia. There is a "Balikbayan group" that is always in the process of organising cultural and social events to encourage more balikbayans into the town to help pumped-up the town's tourism objectives, thus help the town's economy. The best local contact for them are well known Tanauan residents by the names of Rolly, Jerry and Jun Albao who all lived in Canramos.

Helpful suggestions, bright ideas and most importantly feedback from overseas Tanauananons are very much needed and encouraged to assist in the success of the above cultural and social undertaking to help the tourism objective of the town, that is in urgent need of support and local income boost. Immediate contact can be made to the Balikbayan organiser, Gina Buraga on email address: gburaga@hotmail.com or tel no 61 2 418493322

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