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Taguig National High School (formerly known as Fort Bonifacio College-Annex,1980-1982 and Taguig Municipal High School,1982-1994) is a government secondary institution, situated at Barangay Lower Bicutan in Taguig City,(Metropolitan Manila) Philippines.


School information

  • School head: Dr. Nelicia Abad, Officer-In-Charge. (Current)
  • Location: Barangay Lower Bicutan, Taguig City, Philippines
  • Established: 1980
  • School type: Government Institution / Public
  • Formerly known as: Fort Bonifacio College Annex, Taguig Municipal High School
  • Land area: 3,300 square meters
  • Faculty members : 104
  • Registered students: 2,500 enrollees.(2009 record)
  • School division: Taguig City and Pateros
  • Region and district: NCR. District 1


Taguig National High School follows the basic secondary education curriculum of the Department of Education, which is intended to meet the basic learning needs of its students and as a stage of free formal education.


On January 8 1980, Fort Bonifacio College Annex was converted to Taguig Municipal High School under a Memorandum of Agreement dated July 20 1979. In 1984, the school expanded its area of operation by opening an Annex at Ususan Taguig. The Officer In Charge then was Mrs, Isabelita L. Montesa who together concerned people worked for the transfer of school to the nearby FTI Complex,Building V, to accommodate the growing numbers of enrollees. After EDSA Revolution is 1986, this way for the acquisition of the present location of the school, the former Institution of Rehabilitation for Man(IRM) at Lower Bicutan. The land is 3,300 square meters with eighteen(18) building housing 79 classrooms, 3 laboratory rooms, 2- school canteens, an Audio Visual Room and 8 Faculty rooms. The school ground is landscape with trees, vegetables and ornamental plants. A covered court accommodates students having their P.E. activities. At Present, Taguig National High School serves more than 2,500 enrollees with 104 faculty members under the leadership of Dr. Nelicia S. Abad, Head Teacher III / Officer In-Charge.


Flash Pep Squad is the official team squad of Taguig National High School. (full details will post soon)


Also known as Young Minds Without Border, is the High School students governing body with its officers duly elected by the Student body every year. In the Philippines, every public and private elementary and secondary schools under the Department of Education (DepED) has its own student governments. They are usually called the Supreme Pupil Government or the SPG (for elementary) and Supreme Student Government or the SSG (for secondary) supervised by the Center for Students and Co-curricular Affairs[1]. For the secondary school SSGs, the Constitution and By-Laws[2] are adopted by all of the Dep-Ed public and private high schools.


  • President - Maxter C. Eder
  • V. President - Patricia Anne E. Albes
  • Sectretary - Nohad F. Kubon
  • Treasurer - Shena Zuraya A. Chua
  • Auditor - Inah Stephanie E. Lomotos
  • P.I.O - Jacilyn Reyes
  • P.O 1 - Jomar Abergido
  • P.O 2 - Juan Miguel S. Santiago
  • Representatives
  • 4th yr. rep. - Clark Martin Angelo C. Dizon
  • 3rd yr. rep. - Jhan jhan Abel
  • 2nd yr. rep. - Mark joseph Ecat
  • 1st yr. rep. - Ynida Radia
  • SSG Current Adviser - Mr. Edgardo Logroño

Other student organizations

  • School Scout Organization (for Boys and Girls Club)
  • TNHS Drum and Lyre Organization / Club
  • Filipino Club
  • English Club
  • Science Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Social Studies Club
  • Technology and Livelihood Education Club
  • Musci,Arts,Physical Education, and Health Club


TNHS Group Website Affairs (also known as TNHSians Group-Home Website) is the official group website organization of Taguig National High School. Made by the TNHS Group Website Affairs or formerly known as TNHS Group Society Organization.

The TNHS Group Website Affairs Profile Information

An Educational Association Website created year 2007, the official website is powered by Wetpaint.com,followed by many profile accounts such as Facebook,Friendster,Youtube,Multiply,Myspace,Twitter and Ning.com and it has a free access to any former and present tnhsians could join for free.The TNHSians Group site will serve as our gathering place where we can reminisce our high school past, reconnect to old high school friends.

Quoted Message from the Group Official Management: We started this website so that all the team-batch(since 1980) will have its own central point to focus upon the upcoming reunion event, as well as future milestones. This site is not meant to compete with any other TNHS websites. This site was started so that we may get the word out quickly and efficiently, and have total control of the content with no advertising, pop-ups, spamming, or other annoying internet junk. And it's completely free!

The Group General System Rules

TNHS Group Website Affairs has its own group policy that each member should follow. Please take the time to read and understand these rules before posting or sending any kind of Message-Comments here or any of our group profile website,Thanks.


The forum has many discussion areas where you can share your ideas and learn from others. The GROUP STAFF boards do not only serve as a vehicle for exchange, but also a medium to promote TAGUIG NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Former & Present Students,Official Staff and services. While this remains open for public access, this Group will not tolerate hate posters who could possibly originate from any and/or all of the other School's Nationwide/Worldwide.


To establish the kind of trust and continuity that builds good conversations, please be consistent with your username. We discourage the use of alternative nicknames and multiple personas. We strongly encourage you to choose a truly unique username that reflects your distinct personality. To protect the integrity of our members' usernames, the administrator of this forum reserves the right to delete usernames that have questionable connotations or that are disruptive in nature.

  • -Avatars and Signatures

Although the current system allows the use of images as avatars.Failure to comply may result in the deletion of posts containing out of size signatures.

  • -Behavior Standards
  • 1. BE YOURSELF AND RESPECT OTHERS. We encourage everyone to be passionate about their interests and peeves, but always do so in utmost courtesy and respect for other members of this Group.
  • 2. Post original topics. Contribute original ideas. Do not author topics forwarded by emails, links to another websites, or other published articles. You may use them to add color to your opinion, but do not post them for no other purpose than sharing them.
  • 3. The readership rating of this board is GP or for general patronage. The Group profile is not a place where vulgarity and obscenity is allowed. Explicit, obscene or vulgar language will be removed. Likewise, user names, messages, board posts, avatar, signatures and similar user posted materials that contain objectionable material (text or graphic) will be deleted without prior notice. The administrator reserves the right to remove/ban members who refuse to comply with these guidelines.
  • 4. Generate active discussions, we encourage members to voice out their opinions on any subject and while we encourage healthy and interesting debates, arguments or discussion to insult or malign your fellow board members ARE NOT ALLOWED. We will NOT tolerate personal attacks, epithets, slurs, foul language or libelous material directed towards forum members or third parties. Any violation of this rule will be dealt with immediately by the administrators and moderators.
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  • 11. Other relevant conditions will also apply as part of the TNHS Group Website Affairs policy.


To check the official website and to search other social networking acounts of Taguig National High School, You may use the website link address or the official group email to search on.