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Sultan Qudarat, the son of Kapitan Laut Buisan and was known to the Spaniards as Corralat and to some Dutch writers as Guserat, was the seventh Sultan of Maguindanao. In 1619-1621, there was war between Buayan and Maguindanao, probably dynastic or a contest for primacy in the Pulangi. Qudarat must have been involved in this war for not long after a temporary reversal, he appears as exercising some political power over Buayan. Furthermore, he must have consolidated his power well enough after this to enable him to attack Sarangani in 1625. He died at the end of 1671 after having ruled for about half a century. His rule, with varying fortunes and at different capitals, can, therefore, be fairly estimated to have taken place from 1619 to 1671. By 1645, he was already using the title of “sultan”. As a young man he was entitled “Katchil.” His regal name was Qudratullah, which denoted that the bearer’s power came from God. His great grandchildren referred to him as Nasir ud-Din.


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