Sugat ng Alaala

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Sugat ng Alaala is a novel written by Lazaro Francisco in 1950. The story was set during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. It revoves around the life of Felipe, who was described as a persistent suitor of Nita although the former is found shy and could not express himself well. At the height of the war, Felipe's brother Sitong ran away and left Felipe with no choice but go after him. While he was searching for his brother, he encoutered difficulties that were inevitable during the time of war. He felt angered with the Japanese for doing such injustice to him and his fellows and he decided to become a guerilla. After a few years, Felipe and Nita saw each other again and that time, Felipe was finally ready to open his heart and tell Nita how he exactly feels for her.


  • Francisco, Lazaro. Sugat ng Alaala, published in 1950.



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