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Steven Purugganan (b - 30 July 1997) in Longmeadow, Massachusetts USA. He was the first Filipino to become a champion in the 2008 WSSA World Sports Stacking Championships. He was only ten years old when he achieved the recognition of being the fastest cup stacker in the world.



Steven is a Filipino-American. His mother, Victoria, is a Filipina while his father, Dan, was born in the US but he grew up in the Philippines. Most of their relatives live in Chicago. Purugganan gained interest in the sport of stacking after he watched a sport stacking championship in ESPN. He was only in fifth grade when he bought his first cup for the sport. Because of determination and constant practice, he learned the sport quickly and he later joined the WSSA World Sports Stacking Championships. Asides from stacking, he also plays basketball and soccer.


Purugganan successfully defended his title in the 2009 WSSA World Sports Stacking Championships that was held in Denver, Colorado. He made three new records. He broke his own 3-6-3 record and made a new one with a time of only 2.15 seconds. In the doubles category, along with his older brother, they bagged the title in 7.58 seconds. In the 3-6-3 team relay category, along with three other members of Team USA, they set new record of 12.72 seconds. Overall, Purugganan achieved five international medals in stacking competition; three of these came from the individual category (3-3-3, 3-6-3, Cycle), doubles, and team relay.

Because of his records, many articles have been written about his life. Some of these can be read in respected publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, ESPN The Magazine. A McDonald’s advertisement was also made with him on it.




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