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St. Stephen's High School is a conservative Episcopalian school run by Chinese Christians situated in Guillermo Masangkay Street in the Binondo district of Manila. The school offers courses of study from Pre-Nursery to High School 4. It has more than 3,000 students in all departments.

It was founded in 1917 by an American reverend Fr. Studley and his wife Edith. The first class of the school was held in the living room of the reverend with 22 girls. It was first established as an all-girls school, but after the World War II, the school began accepting boys as students.

It has varsity teams in swimming, volleyball, track and field and table tennis. The volleyball team won the WNCAA Championship last year. The track and field and swimming teams also garnered tons of awards in both regional and national competitions in the past few years. The school also excels in Math, Science, Computer, English, Music, and Arts and has won in both national and international competitions in any of the said fields.

Right before the current school year started, the school board announced the creation of the Transition Committee. The purpose of the committee is to choose the next principal - after Mrs. Joy Dy has served for only 9 years and removed from office due to some anomaly. No principal has been chosen and because of this the current vice principal will act as school officer-in-charge and the 80-year old retired principal, Dr. Tiu Uy Pei Suan, will serve as school director. The latter is a member of the Transition Committee and was the one who gave the annoucncement which will cause the downfall of the 90-year old institution.

Based on a survey, 13 out 15 students are personally affected by this issue.

Dr. Tiu attempted to stop the construction of the swimming pool (donated by an alumnus) and the renovation of the High school auditorium. She did not allow the school to host the 2nd Filipino Chinese Youth Leaders' Convention (FCYLC) in partnership with the Association of Chinese-Filipinio Schools in the Philippines (ACFSP). St. Stephen's hosted the 1st FCYLC in February 2005.

It has recently inaugurated its newly renovated auditorium - The Auditorium at St. Stephen's High School - which took 3 years to gain the approval of the school board on November 23, 2006.

The school will be celebrating its historic 90th founding anniversary on July 22, 2007 with the theme "God's Glory with Exceeding Joy!".

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