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SLP – Sigma Lambda Phi
Confraternity, Inc.
The Official Seal of Sigma Lambda Phi Int’l 1933.
International Collegiate Humanitarian Service
(Honor Society of Scholar and Student Leaders)
Reg. Sec. No. CN200324683

Founded August 3, 1933
Duquesne University,
Renfrew, Ontario, Flag of Canada Canada
Type "Humanitarian Service"
Scope International
Motto "If I Rest I Rust"
Colors International Color
████ Black  and  ████ Gold

Chapters Flag of the Philippines Philippines = 1000+
Template:USA = 16
Flag of Canada Canada = 2
Flag of Japan Japan = 2
Flag of Thailand Thailand = 2
Flag of India India = 1
Template:Country data Rwanda = 1
Flag of Mexico Mexico = 2
Template:Country data Nigeria = 1
Template:Country data Austria = 1
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia = 1
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia = 1
Headquarters Far Eastern University
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

The Sigma Lambda Phi fraternity,sorority and confraternity (also known as ΣΛΦ, Lambdans, UNO, SLP) is an honor society of scholars, student leaders and professionals and was founded in August 3, 1933.<ref></ref>and currently the oldest Sorority at Duquesne University of Ontario Flag of Canada Canada. It’s original name was Alpha Phi Omicron, and it was established by three Jewish girls, Molly Marcus, Lilly Joseph and Kathy King. Their reason for beginning the tradition of this new sorority was because no other sorority on campus would accept them due to their Jewish heritage. Sigma Lambda Phi’s colors are black and gold. The Sororities mascot is the lamb. The traditional flower is the daisy, which is a symbol of sincerity, and the Jewel is the Pearl

In the Flag of the Philippines Philippines Bro. Master Sergio Lopez Paderes was sent to University of Ontario, Canada as a scholar, it was one of the Universities in Ontario, Canada, where he was recruited by Lambdans. Upon his return to the Philippines, he organized the original Alpha Chapter on August 3, 1948, in University of the Philippines Los Baños.<ref></ref>

After 76 years of existence, Sigma Lambda Phi, remains stronger with One Spirit, One Vision, and One Principle to stand as One Lambdans and symbolizes the purpose of the movement to provide, promote and develop the three (3) faculties of men, namely: the fullness of life, effective social service, brotherhood and leadership.<ref></ref>

Affiliated groups

  • Flag of Qatar Qatar- SLP Qatar Alumni Council
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia- SLP International Humanitarian Affairs Council
  • Sigma Lambda Phi Alumni Association

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