Si Bok at ang Trumpo

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Si Bok at ang Trumpo
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Directed by Hubert Tibi
Produced by Gigi Tibi
Written by Hubert Tibi
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Music by Hubert Tibi
Cinematography {{{cinematography}}}
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Release date(s) 2009
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Language Filipino
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Si Bok At Ang Trumpo is a short independent film written and directed by Hubert Tibi. The film was featured in the 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival.



The film tells a story of Bok, a playful boy who enjoys counting the things he sees around him, posting pieces of paper everywhere, and playing with his favorite toy top. One day, Bok accidentally forgets his top at his grandmother’s house. When he decides to come back and get it, Bok discovers something far more precious than his beloved toy.

Production staff

  • Writer / Director: Hubert Tibi
  • Producer: Gigi Tibi
  • Cinematographer: Carlo Mendoza
  • Assistant Director / Casting: Angela Garrido
  • Sound Recordist: Herbert Relagio
  • Gaffer: Edwin Carasco
  • Production Design / Musical Arrangement: Hubert Tibi
  • Editing: Hubert Tibi
  • Production Company: Shotlist Productions


  • Jose Enrique Perez
  • Roence Santos
  • Carme Sanchez
  • Soliman Cruz
  • Alchris Galura
  • Flor Salanga
  • Rolando Inocencio




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