Showtime (Philippine TV show)

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Genre Entertainment, Musical, Talent, Variety Show
Created by Bobet Vidanes
Directed by Bobet Vidanes
Presented by Vice Ganda
Vhong Navarro
Anne Curtis
Kim Atienza
Jugs Jugueta
Teddy Corpuz
Billy Crawford
Judges Vice Ganda
Various celebrities
Madlang hurados (2011)
Theme music composer DJ MOD & Bobet Vidanes
Opening theme "Showtime" performed by Showtime hosts
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Filipino, English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 605 (as of October 15, 2011)
Location Quezon City, Philippines
Running time 1½ hours (Weekdays)
2 hours (Saturdays)
Original channel ABS-CBN
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original run October 24, 2009 – present
Preceded by Pilipinas, Game KNB?
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Showtime is a late morning/noon-time variety show airing on ABS-CBN in the Philippines. The show premiered October 24, 2009. It also currently airs worldwide through The Filipino Channel. The first season's grand finals was aired on July 24, 2010, Saturday at the Ynares Center, Antipolo City. Showtime's second season premiered on July 26, 2010. Second season's grand finals was held on December 18, 2010.<ref>Showtime list of episode replay retrieved via 12-16-2010</ref> Season 3 premiered on January 1, 2011 and ended of third season on May 14, 2011. Season 4 premiered on May 16, 2011.



Main Hosts


There are three groups, each made up of two to twenty-five members (with no age limit), performing a single performance, whether it is a song and/or dance number or an acting performance. Before the performance, at least one member of the group is given 20 seconds to make an introduction in any way that reflects the group, but should end with the clause "It's Showtime!", but in the All Star Barangayan edition, their barangay will be given 30 seconds of their introduction but same process and the barangay with the best introduction will win ₱10,000. After the performance, the judges, as well as members of the audience, rate the group from 1 to 10. Audience ratings do not count, but can influence the ratings to be given by the judges.

A fourth competition spot is randomly given to one of three groups who did not pass the auditions, but are still worthy to perform in the show. After the group's performance, the judges would give a collective yes or no to the group. If the judges give a yes, the group is considered part of the main contest, with the judges' scores to the group's performance to be included in the calculation for the winner. A no would, of course, mean exclusion of the group from the main contest. This segment was removed during season 2. In season 3, during the February 16, 2011 episode, the said segment was returned but no random selection, instead the group automatically performs on stage.

The group with the highest average score from the judges wins and proceeds to the weekly finals. All winners throughout the whole week perform in the weekly finals. Whoever wins in the weekly finals will get the chance to compete in the monthly finals. Lastly, all the monthly finalists compete in a season grand finals.

Season 4 competition is open to everyone who has their talent, not only Groups joining, the competition will also open to Solo, Duo, and Trio performers. The season's change will also have a 1st Runner-Up, every competition, the group or performer with the second highest score will take home ₱20,000


Aside from the group competition, Showtime has a various game portion of the following:

Current segment

Sample Mo, Premyo Mo

After the audience rates the group, the hosts may randomly choose a person to show off their "sample" talent (Singing, Dancing, Acting, etc.) Depending on entertainment, fags, and other factors, the random five-digit money screen will stop on how much the person wins. The maximum winnings is ₱50,000.00

Discontinued segments


Five judges will be present for a whole week from Monday to Saturday. They will grade the group performances from ten being the highest, and one being the lowest possible score. Judge Vice Ganda is the only judge who can present his score right after the performance.

Every week, one or more judges will be voted off. In this portion called Hurado o Burado (lit. "Judge or Erased"), the audience and the viewers may evict judge/s through SMS. If a judge gets more than 25% of the total votes, he or she is evicted. Vice Ganda (as a permanent judge) is the only judge who is unevictable from all public votes.

As of May 30, 2011, Any person can audition to become a judge to be called a "Madlang Hurado". The first ever "madlang hurado" is former Showtime contestant, R-Dawn who also appeared in the Lenten Special, and it discontinued because it was also evicted by votes after a week.