Shake, Rattle & Roll 3

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Shake, Rattle & Roll 4
Shake rattle & roll 3.jpg
Directed by Peque Gallaga
Lore Reyes
Written by Peque Gallaga
Lore Reyes
Don Escudero
Music by Joe Climaco
Cinematography Joe Tutanes
Distributed by Regal Films
Release date(s) 1991
Running time 120 mins.
Country Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Language Tagalog
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Shake, Rattle & Roll 3 (1991) is the third installment of the comedy-horror series from Regal Films which was written and directed again by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes. This is Regal Film's entry to the 1991 Metro Manila Film Festival.


First Episode (Yaya)

Yaya is about a mother played by Kris Aquino who suspects that something eerie has started happening in the household especially when she felt the presence of the spirit of an old lady in her home and is about to take her baby away from her.


Second Episode (Ate)

Ate is about a story of an older sister (Ate) who was believed to be dead. Roselyn (Janice de Belen) went back to the province to attend her older sister's, Rowena (Gina Aljar]] wake only to find out that she is undead. A cult brought her back to life and Roselyn is bent to end the curse on her sister.


  • Janice de Belen ... Roselyn
  • Gina Alajar ... Rowena
  • Joel Torre ... Milton
  • Armida Siguion-Reyna ... Mrs. Redoblado
  • Subas Herrero ... Mr. Redoblado
  • Inday Badiday ... Herself
  • Pen Medina ... Fr. Salazar
  • Lucy Quinto ... Madame Sabrina
  • Cris Daluz ... Kardo
  • Jose Javier Reyes ... Principal
  • Cris Balase ... Tano
  • Michelle Gallaga ... Co-teacher
  • Jong M. Cuenco ... Co-teacher
  • Jomari Yllana ... Delinquent
  • Datu Gallaga ... Deliquent
  • St. John's Academy San Juan ... Students
  • Clem Hemor ... Cultist
  • Jun Basilio ... Cultist
  • Tessie Arroyo ... Cultist
  • Totoy Magno ... Cultist
  • Fred Palacio ... Cultist
  • Og De La Rosa ... Cultist
  • Greg Lipit ... Cultist
  • Ang Susi ng Tayabas ... Cultist

Third Episde (Nanay)

The story of Nanay revolves around a horrifying gelatinous sea creature called Undin. Maloy's (Manilyn Reynes) friends went on a field trip with her friends and ended up taking home the eggs of the Undin. The Undin went to the city to rescue her children and search for Ojay (Joey Marquez), the guy who took the eggs. Before the Undin strikes back, Maloy and company tried to find ways to bring back the remaining eggs to their mother.


  • Manilyn Reynes ... Maloy
  • Joey Marquez ... Ojay
  • Ai Ai Delas Alas ... Dezzi Rae
  • Vangie Labalan ... Mama Eba
  • Ricardo Cepeda ... Borg
  • Manny Castañeda ... Terry
  • Candy Pangilinan ... Sally
  • Agnes Ventura ... Lalaine
  • Jinky Laurel ... Jade Snow
  • Roxanne Silverio ... Tweetie
  • Marlene Aguilar ... Shasha
  • Fame de los Santos ... Priscilla
  • Richard Arellano ... Ten-Four
  • Rick Halal ... Rickboy
  • Glen Almonte ... Miller
  • Giselle Sanchez ... Dormmate
  • Dolly De Leon ... Dormmate
  • Milanie Sumalinog ... Dormmate
  • Gino Tadiar ... Maloy's Classmate
  • Bernard Banares ... Maloy's Classmate
  • Ang Dulaang U.P. ... Maloy's Classmates
  • The U.P. Repertory ... Maloy's Classmates


1992 Gawad Urian Awards

  • Nomination for Best Sound (Pinakamahusay na Tunog) - Joe Climaco
  • Nomination for Best Supporting Actress (Pinakamahusay na Pangalawang Aktres) - Gina Alajar


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