Shaider (Philippine TV series)

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Genre Action, Sci-Fi
Created by Shozo Uehara
Country of origin Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
Original channel GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV

Shaider is an upcoming fantasy Philippine drama of GMA Network, it is a Philippine TV version of a famous Metal Hero.

According to Wilma Galvante, GMA Network's EVP, the series will replace Asian Treasures in July for an August release date. Casting is currently on going, only Kris Bernal has been included in the cast as part of her prize for winning StarStruck.

Iwa Moto is currently the front runner for playing the lead female Annie, and Kris Bernal as Mimi.



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In college, Alexis del Mundo (Dai Sawamura) deciphered the figures on the Nazca Plain. Impressed, the Galactic Union Police recruited the archaeologist and trained him to be Earth's (third) Space Sheriff in recent years. Named after Shaider, the ancient hero who destroyed and defeated the Fuuma 12,000 years ago, he teamed with Annie to stop Fuuma today.

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