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Sepak Takraw Literally means “kick ball”. The name came from a combination of the Malay term “Sepak” which means kick and the Thai word Takraw which means “ball”. Sepak Takraw is a game that has similarities with volleyball and football.


The standard court of the Sport Sepak Takraw is an area of 13.4m X 6.1m free from all obstacles up to a height of 8m. It is advisable that the court is flat concrete surface. The width of the lines that determines the perimeter of the court should not be more than 0.04m measured and drawn inside the measurements of the court. The lines of the court should also be at least 3.0m away from any obstacles. Each side should have a 6.7X6.1m area.

The centerline of the Sepak Takraw court, measuring about 0.02m, divides the court into two equal halves. A quarter circle must also be drawn at the intersection of each of the sidelines with the centerline, measuring 0.9m in radius. The quarter circle must be drawn outwards from the edge of the measured radius. The court should also have a service circle of about 0.3m in radius. This circle is drawn on the left on the left and from the sidelines. The 0.04m line will be measured on the right court and should be drawn outward from the ledge. The sideline facing the net should have a 2.45m distance from the center of the circle and 3.05m from the side. Posts The post height differs with males and females. The official height of the posts for males is 1.55m from the floor and 1.45m for the females. It should be made using very strong material and shall not be more than 0.04 in diameter. The position of the posts should be 0.3 m away from the sideline and should be positioned in line with the centerline.


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