Sarsi Emmanuel

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Sarsi Emmanuel
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Sarsi Emmanuel is a former dancer and an actress. She is one of the members of "soft drink" bodies which become a hit during the Bomba era. Most of the times, she starred on bomba genre of films.


Early Life and Career

Sarsi Emmanuel started as a go-go dancer in various beer houses in the city before she entered the movie industry. She was introduced to Rey dela Cruz, who created the famous "soft drink" bodies with her and two other bomba stars, Pepsi Paloma and Coca Nicolas. It was during the Bomba era when Sarsi's carreer was at its peak. Sarsi gained her popularity when she did ECP’s (Experimental Cinema of the Philippines) Boatman and Peque Gallaga’s Virgin Forest in 1984 and 1985 respectively.


  1. Raket ni nanay (2006) as Mimosa
  2. "It Might Be You" (2003) TV series
  3. Alyas Bomba Queen (2002) as Sarsi Emmanuel
  4. Laruang putik (1987)
  5. Nude City (1986)
  6. Gabi na, kumander (1986)
  7. White Slavery (1985)
  8. Room 69 (1985)
  9. Bomba Queen (1985)
  10. Silip (1985) as Selda
  11. Bed Sins (1985)
  12. Virgin Forest (1985)
  13. Matukso kaya ang anghel? (1984)
  14. Naked Island (1984) as Cresencia
  15. Boatman (1984) as Gigi
  16. Snake Sisters (1984)


In 1985, Sarsi Emmanuel was nominated as Best Actress during the Gawad Urian Award for the movie Boatman (1984).


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