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Coordinates: 14°37′20.15″N, 121°05′08.51″E

Santolan LRT Station
Location Marikina City (and Pasig City)
Operational April 5, 2003
Line Purple Line
Platforms 1
Purple Line
Handicapped/disabled access Recto
Handicapped/disabled access Legarda
Handicapped/disabled access Pureza
Handicapped/disabled access V. Mapa
Handicapped/disabled access J. Ruiz
Handicapped/disabled access Gilmore
Handicapped/disabled access Betty Go-Belmonte
Handicapped/disabled access Araneta Center-Cubao
Handicapped/disabled access Anonas
Handicapped/disabled access Katipunan
Santolan LRT Station
Handicapped/disabled access Santolan

Santolan LRT Station is a station on the Manila LRT Purple Line (MRT-2). Santolan Station is one of the many elevated stations that can be found on the line. The station is located on the stretch of the Marcos Highway and is named after the barangay that it is in, Barangay Santolan of Pasig. However, it is actually located inside the territory of Marikina City. (The MRT-2 compound is located at the boundary of Pasig City and Marikina City)

The station is the eastern terminus of the Purple Line and is the first and last station for trains headed to and from Recto respectively. The station is near the Pasig City portion of the Ortigas Center, one of the most important business districts in the Philippines and the city of Marikina. The Santolan Depot, where MRT-2 trains are cleaned and maintained, is also near the station, as well as the line's Operations Control Center (OCC). The depot and OCC, however, are located in Marikina City.

This station is the only purple line station with an island-type of platform where the trains are located at the side of the station instead of the centre.

Transportation links

Taxis and jeepneys can be used to navigate the area around the station and along Marcos Highway, Marikina City.

Other trivia

A Blue Line station named the Santolan station (also known as Santolan-Annapolis station) exists. However it is not physically connected to its Purple Line Station counterpart and in fact is miles apart.

Preceding station Manila LRT Following station
Katipunan   Purple Line   Terminus

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