San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte

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Map of Ilocos Norte showing the location of San Nicolas

San Nicolas is a 4th class municipality in the province of Ilocos Norte, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 31,688 people in 6,677 households. San Nicolanians are famous for their traditionally-designed pots and their warm hospitality towards visitors.



• San Nicolas National High School is the most popular high school destination for teens living in the urban-part of the town.SNNHS has two campuses-Main campus and Bingao campus. The main campus is composed of 32 sections of eight sections per year level these sections are: First Year: I-Narra(First Section) I-Molave(Second Section) I-Ebony I-Pine I-Acacia I-Mulawin I-Mahogany I-Eucalyptus

Second Year: II-Sunflower(First Section) II-Rosal(Second Section) II-Dahlia II-Santan II-Zinnia II-Gumamela II-Anthurium II-Ilang-ilang II-Magnolia

Third Year: III-Starapple(First Section) III-Pineapple(Second Section) III-Guava III-Strawberry III-Orange III-Macopa III-Grapes III-Melon

Fourth Year: IV-Haribon(First Section) IV-Myna(Second Section) IV-Oriole IV-Ostrich IV-Maya IV-Myna IV-Sparrow IV-Dove

San Nicolas has 10 public elementary schools composed of: CENTRAL ZONE San Nicolas E/S Eladio V. Barangan Memorial E/S-Brgy. 14 SOUTH ZONE Payas E/S-Brgy. 16 Catuguing E/S-Brgy. 22 Asuncion E/S-Brgy. 17 Bugnay E/S-Brgy. 21 Bingao E/S-Brgy. 18 EAST ZONE Filipinas E/S Pasion Barangan Memorial E/S-Brgy. 24 Barabar E/S-Brgy. 23

The town has also one private school-Sta. Rosa Academy. come and visit sanicolas

edited by: Kimberly Carmina C. Diaz-II Sunflower Student, San Nicolas NHS


San Nicolas is politically divided into 24 barangays.

  • San Francisco (Pob.)
  • San Ildefonso (Pob.)
  • San Agustin
  • San Baltazar (Pob.)
  • San Bartolome (Pob.)
  • San Cayetano (Pob.)
  • San Eugenio (Pob.)
  • San Fernando (Pob.)
  • San Gregorio (Pob.)
  • [San Guillermo]CATUGUING WEBPAGE
  • San Jose (Pob.)
  • San Juan Bautista (Pob.)
  • San Lorenzo
  • San Lucas (Pob.)
  • San Marcos (Payas)
  • San Miguel (Pob.)
  • San Pablo
  • San Paulo (Pob.)
  • San Pedro (Bingao)
  • San Rufino (Pob.)
  • San Silvestre (Pob.)
  • Santa Asuncion (Samac)
  • Santa Cecilia (Barabar)
  • Santa Monica (Nagrebcan)

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