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The Samahan ng Tatlong Persona Solo Dios (STPSD) is a religion in the Philippines founded by Agapito Illustre on 27 August 1936. His son, Jose Illustre, took over the Church's leadership after his father's death. The Church is located on Barangay Kinabuhayan, near Dolores, Quezon.


Beliefs and practices

The doctrine of Samahan ng Tatlong Persona Solo Dios is that there is only one God in three persons. The doctrine of the Trinity has been stated as "the one God exists in three Persons and one substance, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God the Father who is the creator. God the Son who is Jesus Christ who saved the world. God the Holy Spirit who is known as the sanctifier.

The guiding forces of the group are the “Voice” and the “Voices” of the spirits of nature. Their goal is to have a complete dedication to spiritual liberation and eventually the unification of all Filipinos into one nation. The group considers our national hero, Jose Rizal as one of its most important saints.

The leaders of the group include both men and women. However, only women from the college of seven priestesses can become priests. It was believed that this practice underlines the matriarchal nature of the Filipino society. The priestesses have to opt for celibacy.

Based on Teresita Obusan's study, the groups repeated prayer for peace notes the two themes of God's personal and intimate love (tunay na nagmamahal sa amin) and peace for our Philippines as His gift (pakamtan ang kapayapaan). Obusan also emphasized that the groups belief in the Trinity and the Virgin Mary are orthodox Christian beliefs.


Based on the history of the group as found in “Mga Dakilang Kasaysayan ni Amang Illustrisimo”, Agapito was first a pulahan rebel in Limutan, Cebu before he was converted into a man of peace. He later became an itinerant preacher before putting up the STPSD.

The disciples who guard the secret revelation of Agripino Lontok, the first mystic to declare Mount Banahaw as sacred, are his daughter, Lola Titay and his grandson, Ka Esing. Inang Justay, Lontok's granddaughter heads the Anak, Ina at Ama ng Santisssima Trinidad. According to Vitaliano Gorospe's “Mount Banahaw: The Power Mountain From Ritualism to Spirituality”, long before Lontok's arrival to Mount Banahaw, the place served as refuge of revolutionaries and different religions and cults. Majority of its members believe that Mount Banahaw is the altar of brave Filipino heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo hence, their nationalistic character.

Due to the group's autonomy and self-sufficiency, they are independent from the official Catholic faith or Church.


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