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Jose Rizal: The man of their faith

The Rizalistas, as they are collectively and commonly called, are different group of people having different beliefs but focuses on one faith. It is their faith to the Philippine's national hero Dr. Jose Rizal that binds them together. Generally, this groups immortalize and worship Jose Rizal as a divine being.


Groups of Rizalistas

Like religious sects, the Rizalistas also have different sects depending on their beliefs. They also have different founders and founding dates. Some of the registered groups were the Ciudad Mistica de Dios, Adamista, Bathalismo, Watawat ng Lahi, Iglesia Sagrada Flilipina, and Espiritual Pilipino Catholic Church, and the others. These groups are scattered all over the Philippines, also having their own chapters. Some of them were based in Calamba, Laguna and at the foot of Mount Banahaw in the Quezon Province. Some of them also have chapters abroad.

Parallelism of Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal

Some of the Rizalistas believed that Rizal has an apparent parallelism to Jesus Christ in many ways. Other's belived that Rizal is the messiah of the Philippines just like Jesus Christ as messiah of Israel. There were also those who believed that Rizal was the re-incarnation of Christ. These beliefs of the groups were based on the similarities of the two. They said that both of them were morally upright and exemplary in their own rights, they possess extraordinary character and have the purest intention in pursuing their missions. Also, they were both pious and Asians, and both from a country under colonial rule during their time. Also, the two were advocates of solidarity, equality and peaceful coexistence in spite of differences in social status, ethnicity and creed. and many more, such as, they were both healers and great visionaries, they advocate of reform and peaceful means to carry out their missions, strongly denounced prejudice, apathy, immorality and cruelty. They were also victims of trial and mockery, their teachings influence people around the world and most importantly, they were executed by their enemy and died for a noble cause.

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