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Ricardo Reyes is a 41-year-old Filipino busboy and basketball hobbyist in the United States, working for the Barney's Beanery restaurant in West Hollywood, California. He became popular by beating five National Basketball Association (NBA) superstars in the arcade basketball game Pop-a-Shot. Reyes' repertoire was televised on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on June 2010.

Claim to fame

American television host Jimmy Kimmel discovered Reyes at a local arcade in Hollywood and invited the Filipino as a guest in his show. On 3 June 2010, Reyes faced reigning NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers (presently with the Miami Heat) in a game of Pop-a-Shot. The objective of the game is to shoot as many balls as possible for 30 seconds. James went first and scored 42 points while Reyes walloped the NBA superstar with 72 points.

Reyes next scorched retired NBA all-star Charles Barkley, 85-51; former NBA MVP Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, 82-58; and Los Angeles Lakers' power forward Lamar Odom, 84-35. In his final challenge, Reyes faced all-star Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets, whom he routed, 72-38. Reyes won a 2010 Ford Mustang as his prize for beating five NBA greats.

On May 31, 2011, Reyes defeat Blake Griffin with a score of 64-60 by a blindfold of Reyes.




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