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National Karate Champion

Razhel Gee Mengullo is a Filipino karateka from Bacolod City. Member of Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF) represented the Visayas Region in the Philippine Olympic Festival<ref>POF and PKF National Karatedo Winners,Team Jack & Jill School, 2007</ref><ref>National Silver & Bronze Medalists, Philippine Olympic Festival Official Website 2nd POF National Championship November 12–18, 2007</ref> and PKF National Open Championship series<ref>JJS karatekas shine in nat'l karatedo tourney,Visayan Daily Star, May 15, 2009 edition</ref> adapts Shotokan and Wado-ryu styles, recognized by World Karate Federation the largest international governing body of sport karate with over 130 member countries.

Daughter of sensei Randy Mengullo,<ref>NOKAF Officers, Sunstar, 07-07-2004 edition</ref> a Sandan Black belt in Karate-Dō who garnered medals in many karatedo championships and athletic meet of different schools and karate organizations in the Philippines.<ref>JJS Karatedo rules NOPSSCEA events, Viasayan Daily Star, 2008</ref><ref>POF-Visayas,Visayas Champion, 2nd POF 2007</ref> Initiated the Karate program in Jack & Jill School Dojo as part of its curriculum<ref>Life Lessons from Karate,Sunday Inquirer Magazine, December 14, 2008</ref><ref>Life Lessons from Karate,Sunday Inquirer Magazine, December 14, 2008</ref> and Rhazel Estelloso-Mengullo,<ref>Journalism Winner,Star Life Sunday,03-02-2008 edition</ref>recipient of Department of Education (Philippines) Western Visayas Outstanding Journalism Mentor Awards, national winner in Sports writing and Photojournalism during the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC).<ref>NSPC National winner,DepED Memo and Official Results, March 28, 2002 edition</ref><ref>2008 NSPC National winner,DepED Memo, March 20, 2008 edition</ref>


Karate achievements

Razhel Gee Mengullo is a consistent national winner in Philippine Olympic Festival<ref>POF Winners,Sunstar Newspaper, September 26, 2007 edition</ref> and Philippine Karatedo Federation Championship series wherein she captured the gold in girls kumite during the 22nd PKF National Open.<ref>National Gold medalist,Daily Star, May 15, 2009 edition</ref> She also garnered bronze in the 20th PKF national championship likewise, silver and bronze in the POF National Finals in Manila<ref>POF and PKF National Karatedo Winners,Team Jack & Jill School. 2007</ref> Razhel Gee is a member of Negros Occidental Karatedo Federation, the governing body of sports karate in the province. Triumphed and bagged gold and silver medals in age group kumite and kata events during the 2nd Philippine Olympic Festival Visayas Championship in Iloilo City wherein her team captured the overall championship title in karatedo event.<ref>Golden Moments,Daily Star, May 17, 2009 edition</ref>

She participated PKF Championship sanction tournaments held in Negros and Panay islands wherein she snatched 2 gold medals in the girls' age group kata and kumite events in the Regional Championships in Barbaza, Antique (province).<ref>JJS karatekas off to regional tourney,Visayan Daily Star, March 12, 2009 edition</ref>

Gold medalists of the 2006 and 2007 Mayor Evelio Leonardia Karatedo Cup Championships<ref>Mayor's Cup,Razhel Gee Mengullo on Visayan Daily Star November 28, 2006 edition</ref> and back to back champion in the 1st and 2nd Hon. Demi John Hundrado Mayor's Cup Karate Championship series in La Carlota City.<ref>Mayor's Cup,Visayan Daily Star May 05, 2009 edition</ref><ref>Jack & Jill karatekas reign in La Carlota,Visayan Daily Star May 06, 2010 edition</ref> She boosted JJS Karate Dojo's bid after claiming gold in 2008 and 2009 NOPSSCEA Karatedo event at the University of St. La Salle-Integrated School Gym.<ref>JJS Karatedo rules NOPSSCEA events, Viasayan Daily Star, 2008</ref> Captured a gold medal in the girls' division during the 4th UMA-ONEBA Presidential Cup Karatedo Competition and consistent gold medalist in the NOKAF Karatedo Championship series.<ref>NOKAF karatekas,Visayan Daily Star September 17, 2007 edition</ref><ref>Karatedo Winners,Visayan Daily Star March 21, 2007 edition</ref>

As a freshmen in University of St. La Salle-Integrated School, Razhel Gee is a member of USLS-IS karatedo team under coach Joy Sobrevega. She contributed 2 gold medals in girls Cadet kata and kumite during the 2010 NOPSSCEA Karatedo Championship wherein the school garnered the championship titles both in high school boys and girls division.<ref>USLS-IS tops nopsscea contest, Viasayan Daily Star, 2010</ref>

Personal life

Razhel graduated in JJS-Homesite batch 2009-2010 recipient of Leadership and Sports Awards in school. Currently studying at University of St. La Salle-Integrated School in Bacolod City and actively participated and trained in PKF-NOKAF under the supervision of her father sensei Randy Mengullo and sensei Elan Delfin. She enjoys not only karate but also outing, reading and biking in her free time.<ref>National Karatedo,Sunstar Novemmber 12, 2007 edition</ref> She has a younger brother named Dave also a karate practitioner.

Service and Leadership

  • President - JJS-PHHC Student Council Organization S.Y. 2009-2010
  • Vice President - JJS-PHHC Student Council Organization S.Y. 2008-2009
  • Editor - Up The Hill, the official publication of JJS-Homesite
  • Team Captain - JJS Karate Dojo
  • Staff Writer - Ang Layag, the official publication of USLS-IS
  • Treasurer - Girls Scout of the Philippines USLS-IS Chapter
  • Platoon Leader - Bravo Company CAT USLS-IS

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