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Monching "Ramon" Ocampo is the candidate for senator of Bangon Pilipinas.


Personal life

Born in Tondo, Manila, on December 30, 1953, he was named Ramoncito after Ramon “Monching” Magsaysay who was then being sworn in as the President of the Philippines. His parents were Atty. Vicente Torres Ocampo, a prominent labor lawyer and Angeles Garcia Poblete of Naic, Cavite. At the time of his birth, his mother, reportedly noticed something very peculiar, a distinct halo around his head as if he had a crown on his head. He and his wife, Estrella, have been together since 1982 and have 3 grown-up children, Michael (25 years old), Michelle (23 years old) and E.J. (19 years old) who are helping them manage their varied business interests.


Atty. “Bro.” Ramon "Monching" Ocampo distinguished himself even at his early age. Among others, he won several school and inter-school English and Tagalog oratorical contests while in Grade School at Letran College where he was a consistent honor student as well. He went to UST High School where he became active in extracurricular activities throughout his academic years including being the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the UST High School student body as well as editor-in-chief of the Aquinian, the UST high School newspaper. He was an entrance and college scholar at UP Diliman where he graduated with an AB Economics degree. He then went to study law at the San Beda College of Law where he obtained his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree in 1980 and passed the Philippine Bar the next year in 1981 and immigrated to the USA in the same year.


Since immigrating to the USA, he worked as a legal assistant with a large insurance company and later, became a businessman involved in the insurance, real estate and telecommunications industry. He was a legal assistant for a law office prior to his passing the California State Bar in 1993. Since then, he has been engaged in private practice specializing in family and immigration law as well as civil litigation.

In addition, together with his wife of more than 26 years, Estrella, they currently own and operate several businesses including Global NCLEX Review Center Inc., a successful NCLEX review center in Los Angeles, Global Personnel Management Co. Inc., a nursing placement/staffing company supplying registered nurses to several health-care facilities in the Southern California area. They also recently built and currently operate what is now widely considered as the best fine dining Filipino restaurant in the Los Angeles area, the SALAKOT Sizzle & Grill.


During his academic years (1977-79), he was elected as the Secretary-General (equivalent to President) of the Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity (TAU GAMMA PHI). In 1978, he established/founded the Triskelion Youth Movement (TYM), which is considered today as the biggest, most prominent community-based fraternal organization with an estimated 800,000 members worldwide. In 1980, he spearheaded and led the first and only ALAY-LAKAD SA KAPAYAPAAN designed to promote peaceful co-existence between warring fraternities.

In 1989, he was offered the position of Director of Youth Development by then Mayor Mel Lopez of Manila but respectfully declined the same due to family commitments. In 1991, he became actively involved with the Catholic Charismatic movement in Southern California. Since 1993 up to the present, he is an elder disciple-preacher with the El Shaddai DWXI-PPFI (USA) Catholic Charismatic community headed by Bro. Mike Velarde with the distinction of being personally designated as a disciple-preacher by no less than Bro. Mike himself. Later, he was appointed by Bro. Mike as the Vice-Chairman of the El Shaddai DWXI-PPFI Cooperative in the Philippines.

He has been chosen and offered recognition several times as an outstanding citizen of Los Angeles by several non-profit organizations in the USA but refused to accept the accolades as he believes that the glory and honor belongs to God alone. He has been an active advocate of Gawad-Kalinga (GK) for several years now and in partnership with friends from Santa Clarita, CA, have established several GK villages in different areas of the Philippines. For several years now, he has supported medical/dental missions in the Philippines and has been a regular donor-sponsor for Our Lady of Peace Hospital Foundation headed by Dr. Sister Eva Maamo, which has been providing free medical and hospitalization to indigent families in the Metro Manila area. He has done much per Philippine standards but not enough. A few months ago, he has embarked on a pilot livelihood project in the rural communities by providing them with free goats (the poor man’s cow) for goat-raising purposes. After all, there is an abundance of grazing land for goats for sustenance and as such, it is a low maintenance income-producing project.

Life-Changing Experience

In 2007, he had a life-changing experience when he unexpectedly, had a heart attack while on vacation in the Philippines and subsequently, underwent quadruple by-pass heart surgery at the Asian Heart Center. Recuperating for several months in the Philippines, he has since decided that life is too short to be spent in worldly activities such as the accumulation of wealth or the pursuit of his legal career. He reviewed his priorities and decided to semi-retire from the active practice of law and devote the remainder of his life in trying to see how to best and most effectively alleviate the plight of the impoverished poor in the Philippines. He is desirous of doing the most good to the most number of people at the least possible time and although still active as a lay preacher with the Catholic Charismatic movement in the USA, he feels that he can and wants to do a lot more. On his own resources, he knows that he can do only so little to so few.

He believes that in public service, perhaps, as a senator, imbued with his deeply-embedded Catholic/Christian principles of honesty, integrity and servant-leadership, he can and will be able to make a big difference in the lives of the poor. This is why he decided against all odds and despite the lack of personal funds, to accept the invitation of Bro. Eddie Villanueva to become one of his senatorial bets in the 2010 elections. Together with Bro. Eddie Villanueva and his entire team, they hope to eradicate graft and corruption in our country, establish a strong moral foundation in government bureaucracies headed by God-fearing, Christ-centered leadership and once and for all, address the grinding poverty of our people and rebuild our fledging nation. For starters, together, we pledge to build 1 Million (GK) homes for the poor, 1 million school houses throughout the archipelago and construct an efficient road/rail way system to connect the far-flung areas off our country to the centers of commercial activities and promote the progress of our country as a whole.

He was transformed from a fraternal warlord, a man of the world with all its fleshly desires, passions and vices to a new man imbued with the Holy Spirit, earnestly committed to live the Christian life which all Catholic/Christian Filipinos should indeed, aspire for. He firmly believes that only in the knowledge and practice of Catholic/Christian ideals, can the Filipino people finally achieve one of its most elusive dreams, a sense of Filipino Nationhood where the people and its government, business and spiritual leaders are one in the spirit and aspirations and live the abundant, peaceful and joyful life as promised by no less than Jesus Christ Himself.



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