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Rajah Baguinda was an Arab religious missionary from Mengangkabaw, Sumatra who arrived in Mindanao in 1390 and reinforced Islam until 1460. According to the Sulu Genealogy, his arrival in Sulu was welcomed by a resistance among the natives. The chiefs of Buansa tried to sink his boats and drown him in the sea. Baguinda, however, fought the natives back and inquired these people as to why they wanted to drown him. He insisted to the people that he came to travel and out of goodwill - to live among the Sulu natives who, like him, were followers of Mohammad. Knowing that they have the same faith, they accepted him in the islands.

The term Baguinda was of Menangkabaw origin which means "prince." However, it was used in Sulu in the sense of "ruler." Until now, it is unknown whether Baguinda arrived in Sulu with that title or not, but it is accepted that he did exercised political power at Buansa.


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