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WikiPilipinas welcomes you to its Media and Entertainment portal. Through this portal, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive scope of knowledge on Philippine Media and Entertainment. To aid you in your search for relevant articles, we have divided the portal into two major topics: Philippine Mass Media, under which we have the categories of Broadcast Media, Print Media, Advertising, and Media Practitioners; and Philippine Entertainment, which is comprised of categories on Television, Radio, Cinema, Music and Celebrities. Feel free to browse through our outline and contents, which undergo a periodic and thorough review process to ensure that we meet the highest standards that we at WikiPilipinas intend to uphold. Our content outline also showcases the collaborative efforts that we can start within WikiPilipinas in our effort to give the best to the Filipino people by the Filipino people.

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Topic outline for Media and Entertainment
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Philippine Mass Media

  • Philippine Television Networks
  • Philippine Radio Stations
    • Philippine Journalists
    • Philippine Radio Personalities
    • Philippine DJs and VJs
  • Top Lists of Media Personalities
  • Philippine Periodicals
    • Spanish Era Periodicals
    • American Era Periodicals
    • Japanese Era Periodicals
  • Philippine Newspapers
  • Philippine Publishers
  • Philippine Magazines
  • Top 10 TV Advertisements You Love
  • Top 10 TV Advertisements You Hate

Philippine Entertainment

  • Philippine Movies
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • Horror
    • Thriller/Suspense
    • Documentary
    • Independent
    • Action
    • Animated
    • Sexy/Erotic
    • Epics/Historical
    • Adventure
    • Musical
    • Serial
    • Silent
    • Disaster
    • Mystery
    • Biographical
    • Chick flicks
    • Coming of Age
    • Romance
    • Supernatural
  • Top 10 Scariest Philippine Movies


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