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The Educational Center of the North, beside Pines City Doctors' Hospital Baguio City 2600.

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In the beginning the institution had its humble start with the inauguration of its hospital known as Pines City Doctors' Hospital on August 15 1965. The organization of the hospital gave way for more evaluation and serious determination, for the development of projects intended by the people behind this. It was very instrumental for an inspired perception of the building what would now be an educational institution. After 3 years,it was August 1969 school of nursing established and it was called inspired perception plan. It started with 42 students and to handle with confidence, humbleness and perseverance through the years. PCDH become Pines City Doctors' Hospital School of Nursing PCDHSN. PCDHSN is the oldest private school of nursing in Baguio City. PCDHSN provide its first nurses and until now PCDHSN still producing competent nurses worldwide. Because of the success of the school of nursing it ruminate to the establishment of other degrees such as:

Degrees Offered:

  • College of Dentistry
    • Doctor of Dental Medicine( Dentistry)
    • Dental Technology
  • College of Optometry
    • Doctor of Optometry
    • Optical Laboratory Technician
  • College of Pharmacy
    • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy Aide
  • College of Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
    • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy,
    • Bachelor of science in Respiratory Therapy,
    • Associate in Pulmonary Therapy
  • College of Medical Technology
    • Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
  • School of Midwifery and Nursing Aide
    • Graduate Midwife
    • Associate in Health Science Education
    • Health Aide
  • College of Tourism and Hotel Restaurant Management
    • Bachelor of Science in tourism
    • Bachelor of Science in HRM
  • Associate of Arts and in HRM
  • College of Arts and Science
    • Bachelor of Arts(AB) in English
    • Bachelor of Arts(AB) in History
    • Bachelor of Arts(AB) in Biology
    • Bachelor of Arts(AB) in Mathematics
    • Associate in Computer Secretarial
  • College of Teacher Education
    • Bachelor of science in Secondary Education
    • Major in Biology, Chemistry, English, general science, Guidance And Counseling, Math, Social Studies, Tech. and Home Economics, Values education.
  • Pines City Colleges Laboratory
    • Nursery I & II
    • Kindergarten
    • Elementary,
    • High School

Because of these success PCDHSN become PINES CITY EDUCATIONAL CENTER PCEC and after some assiduous years of progress,fighting the challenges, difficulties and criticism with hope,faith and love PCEC maintain its integrity and with the blessing of the LORD it even became PINES CITY COLLEGES PCC.



Pines City Colleges believes that holistic education will bring about the most desirable changes in his personal and professional life.


Pines City Colleges envisions to be a premier institution whose graduates are matured, well-balanced, imbued with values, and who are responsive to local and global needs.


Pines City Colleges is committed to develop the student's potential to the maximum.

Accreditation (Commission on Higher Education)

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education G.R. No. 07 s. 1996 - CRO
  • BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management G.R. No. 008 s. 2004 - CRO
  • BS in Medical Technology G.R. No. 028 s. 2005 - CRO
  • BS in Nursing G.R. No. 107 s. 1982 - CCO
  • BS in Occupational Therapy G.R. No. 061 s. 1997 - CRO
  • BS in Pharmacy G.R. No. 10 s. 1996 - CRO
  • BS in Respiratory Therapy G.R. No. 32 s. 1996 - CRO
  • BS in Tourism G.R. No. 11 s. 1996 - CRO
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine G.R. No. 006 s. 1990 - DRO
  • Doctor of Optometry G.R. No. 070 s. 1986 - DRO
  • Associate in Computer Secretarial G.R. No. 030 s. 1994 - CRO
  • Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management G.R. No. TVED 005 s. 1994 - DRO
  • Associate in Pulmonary Therapy G.R. No. 02 s. 1995 - CRO
  • Midwifery G.R. No. 15 s. 1979 - CCO
  • Pre-Dentistry G.R. No. C-013 s. 1991 - DRO
  • Pre-Optometry G.R. No. 070 s. 1986 - DRO

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