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Pilipino Star NGAYON
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid

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Founded March 17, 1986
Political allegiance Independent and hard-hitting
Headquarters Port Area, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: http://www.philstar.com/


The Philippines' leading tabloid

Pilipino Star NGAYON is the leading tabloid of daily nationwide circulation in the Philippines. It is a sister newspaper of The Philippine Star, and both newspapers were born after the 1986 People Power Revolution that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos to usher in a new era of democracy which has long been suppressed during the dark ages of martial rule. The founding chairperson of both papers was Mrs. Betty Go-Belmonte (deceased) wife of Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte. Go-Belmonte was among the brave women who challenged the dictatorial rule of Marcos and advocated for the return of Philippine democracy. She put up, first, Ang Pilipino Star NGAYON on March 16, 1986 a few weeks after the EDSA Revolution and later the Philippine Star in support of the newly restored democracy with President Corazon Aquino at the helm. While Pilipino Star NGAYON is related to the Star Group of Publications, it is a separate corporation in itself (Pilipino Star NGAYON Inc.).Unlike its flagship newspaper the Philippine Star which has several stockholders, Pilipino Star NGAYON is a tabloid which is solely under the proprietorship of the Belmonte family. A few years ago, another tabloid under Pilipino Star NGAYON Inc. was born. It is called PM or Pang-Masa which means catering to the gressroot readers.


The President and CEO of Pilipino Star NGAYON and the whole Star Group of Publications is a young, energetic and aggressive entrepreneur in the person of Miguel Go-Belmonte, second to the youngest son of Feliciano and Betty Go-Belmonte. It was under his watch that Pilipino Star NGAYON and Philippine Star achieved their phenomenal growth to be the Philippines' leading newspapers both in the broadsheet and tabloid genre.

The young Belmonte is well-loved by the Star employees for having kept and pursue the legacy left by his late mother whose policy was to consider employees like members of their own family. The Star Group is perhaps among the few corporations who do not have labor unions for the simple reason that the workers are satisfied and are among the better paid employees compared to other publications.


Jarius Bondoc, Tony Calvento, Ben Tulfo, Korina Sanchez, Atty. Joser Sison, Dr. Loi Ejercito, Al Pedroche and Butch Quejada. Columns on medical advice are written by former Health Minister Tranquilino Elicaño and Dr. Willie Ong.


Feedbacks from newspaper dealers indicate that Pilipino Star NGAYON is the largest selling tabloid in the country today with a daily circulation of at least 250,000 with a pass-on readership of at least 5 persons per newspaper. In Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog which expands from Cavite to the Bicol Region is considered to be the bailiwick of Pilipino Star NGAYON where it has its greater bulk of readers. In the Visayas, Pilipino Star NGAYON has proven it's appeal to the readers there that the management decided to have its satellite printing in Cebu so that the paper gets to the region ahead of the other Manila-based newspapers. Publication materials are sent to Cebu through the internet and the paper is printed right there and then.