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The Philippines Business Registry or PBR is an online system that organizes and files all business registration application in the country. This includes business permits and business licenses that will be facilitated by a centralized data entry program that will automatically connect to various national units and government agencies.


Executive Order 587

On December 8, 2006, the government directed the Department of Trade and Industry or DTI to implement the Philippines Business Registry Project on all business applications, registrations, licenses and permits. To further establish this system, a memorandum was given to various agencies that are relevant to business registrations such as Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC, Cooperative Development Authority or CDA, Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR, Social Security System or SSS, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PHILHEALTH, Home Development Mutual Fund or PAGIBIG, the 17 local government units (LGUs) of the National Capital Region, League of Municipalities of the Philippines or LMP, League of Cities of the Philippines or LCP and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry or PCCI.


The Philippines Business Registry's goal is to create a flawless, speedy and more efficient exchange and process of the Philippine business registration with the support and help of government agencies through the use of the internet or web based portal.


  • To make a centralized database for business registry nationwide.
  • To consort all registrations by designating a unique number called Philippine Business Number or PBN.
  • To alleviate all business dealings among local agencies by creating one portal for everything.

Associated Government Agencies