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When February arrives, there is only one particular date in the calendar that comes to mind: the Fourteenth. Valentine's — the day we all save for the one we desire to spend the rest of our lives with. We at WikiPilipinas want that date to be memorable for you so we've lined up a couple of dating spots that are both fantastic and romantic.

The Greenbelt 3 Facade
Tagaytay's Picnic Grove, with the Taal Volcano at a distance
Cafe by the Ruins logo
  • Intramuros. Many people consider Intramuros the most romantic spot in the Philippines, with its picturesque ruins and walls that provide the best setting for a love affair. Walking along cobbled streets hand-in-hand whilst checking out places rich in history will surely rank as one of the most memorable moments in your life. You may explore the place by yourself, though we recommend joining a tour of the place, like that of Carlos Celdran's. Then enjoy a lovely dinner at Ilustrado, a popular restaurant in Intramuros and listed by the Philippine Tatler as one of the Philippines' best.

  • CCP's Harbour Square. For a nice, quiet time by the sea without going out of Metro Manila's boundaries, Harbour Square beside the Cultural Center is a good spot to dine, relax and hang out. There are some good restaurants like Grappa's Ristorante, as well as a wide choice of coffee shops for those after-dinner caffeine whims. We recommend Figaro Coffee, though. It's a little walk from the square towards Roxas Boulevard, and provides a seemingly secluded but very relaxing atmosphere for dating couples. Then remember to take a look at the seaside scenery. Or watch a play at the theater. After all, these are Harbour Square's main attractions.

  • Greenbelt. They discourage you to believe the hype, but Greenbelt may be an exception to this. It is truly the best shopping mall right now, with its award-winning design breaking the tradition of box-type malls by fusing the concept of al fresco dining and indoor upscale shopping. The design, which is a combination of Japanese, Filipino, and Western ideas, is not only beautiful, but also provides a relaxing aura to the shopper. For your date, try any of the restaurants, especially those in Greenbelt 2 and 5, for they're all worth it. It would be wise to get reservations though, since the place is packed on Valentine's.

  • Serendra. Another Ayala creation, Serendra, makes our list of best dating spots, all for its sheer elegance. The place, which is a collection of restaurants, cafés, and souvenir shops beside an upscale residential area, is the most recent stopover for socialites and A-listers looking for a place to dine and people-spot. If you and your date are looking for that kind of evening, go to Serendra. There are really good restaurants in the place, just make sure to load up your wallet.

  • Tagaytay City. Tagaytay is the answer to a dilemma on looking for a good out-of-town date but has little time to spare, for this lovely city down south is only 60 kms away from Manila. It is everything the city is not: It's cool, clean, and cozy. Different restaurants, all offering breathtaking cliff views of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, are situated by the roadside. There are also some establishments, such as Leslie's, which aside from good cuisine serve music to guests looking for romantic settings.

  • Baguio City. Come on, how cliché is Baguio? But you have to admit, there is a reason why dates flock to Baguio come Valentine's Day. The weather is cold, the lights are low, and all you want to do is cuddle up with your beau. But before that, try Baguio's most favorite and most famous restaurant, Café by the Ruins, and have a pilgrimage with the city's über-famous tourist spots, so famous we won't enumerate them anymore.

  • Vigan City. Who wouldn't want a date at a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Vigan screams history, culture, class, and sophistication, a fact which will make your romantic dinner the most memorable you will ever have. You can either take a calesa ride which will traverse the city's entirety, or you can start right ahead at the world-famous Mestizo district and be immersed in a world that existed four hundred years ago. Then we recommend having your food stop at Café Leona, Vigan's most popular restaurant.



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