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Filipinos are known collectively as among the happiest people on earth. No matter what Filipinos are going through, they manage to find something to laugh about. Pinoys, indeed, have their own brand of humor manifested in programs that aim to tickle the funny bones and make you want to laugh out loud. Philippine television definitely would not be complete without a serving of good old Pinoy Sitcom. See who made the list of Philippine TV's Funniest.

  1. Abangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata – It stated the condition of Philippine society and politics in a nutshell with more than enough humor to accompany it. Abangan revolves around three families who did not share anything in common and always opposed one another, turning the show into one big hilarious riot.
  2. Sic O'clock News – The show was part theater and news, geared towards showcasing the reality of Philippine government. Headed by Jaime Fabregas, Sic O'clock News was mainly composed of theater actors who did not spare any political figure from being part of the show's funny but witty script.
  3. John en Marsha – The Puruntong Family led by John and his wife Marsha represented the quintessential Filipino family in the 1980's. Throw in a nagger mother-in-law and the result was a riot that never fail to culminate in the show's most famous line “Kaya ikaw John, magsumikap ka!”
  4. Iskul Bukol – It established the trio of Tito, Vic and Joey as a formidable force in Philippine entertainment.
  5. Duplex – The show portrayed what was considered as the mother of all dysfunctional families. With its powerhouse cast including Ading Fernando, Marissa Delgado, Janice Jurado, Al Tantay and Soxy Topacio, Duplex left audiences crying in laughter.
  6. TODAS and Champoy – TODAS and Champoy pioneered gag shows in the Philippines. Although very different in style, as the former was more sexy and adult in approach and the latter was more family oriented, both shows have set the standards for gag shows at present.
  7. Palibhasa Lalake – This 90's sitcom boasted of a good-looking cast and weekly plots. The script geared toward silly to ridiculous but what really made the show heart-stopping hilarious was that the actors never stuck to the script and guests had no idea what to expect.
  8. Tropang Trumpo – The show was able to innovate upon the meaning of comedy in Philippine television through its unique way of showcasing funny and amusing acts. Thanks to the show, “chicken” now has a whole new meaning.
  9. Okay Ka Fairy Ko – This fantasy sitcom which revolved around the story of a mortal who married a fairy was first shown in 1987. Starring Vic Sotto, the program was shown weekly and has survived the resignation of two leading ladies. It is also considered to be the most successful TV-to-movie franchise in the country.
  10. 2+2 – It was a short-lived sitcom during the 1980's starring Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie. Although the program was funny, it is remembered for giving birth to characters such as Herbert Bautista's “Bistek” and Gary Lising's “Lenon” - names that are used to refer to them to this day.


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