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Philippine folklore isn't like the Greek or Roman mythologies, which are long situational epics connected and happened to form cities and lands. Philippine myths are timeless and they are only made up by rural townspeople. Somehow, these countless myths gave birth to Philippine mythical creatures. These are considered fictitious yet rural towns believe in their existence. They also say that only pure and good mortals are able to see these creatures.

DIWATA or ENGKANTADA - mostly females, or fairies, who are also believed to guard natural creations such as forests, seas, land and air.

MARIANG MAKILING - fairy who dwells atop Laguna's Mount Makiling, an extinct volcano and is being considered as a mountain. They say that Makiling was once a castle and Maria Makiling is a princess who fell in love with a mortal.

SIRENA - mermaid; sea creatures with fish tails who attract fishermen and tourists.

SIYOKOY - horrifying sea creatures with fish-like bodies and long green tentacles. They drown mortals and eat them.

TIYANAK or IMPAKTO - terrifying babies who die before Baptism and proceeded to Limbo, a chamber of Hell where dead unbaptized people fall. Like vampires, they appear and eat the living.

ASWANG - a Filipino version of vampire. They are humanlike by day and at night they transform to monstrous forms and eat awake humans.

MANANANGGAL - an aswang who flies and carries only half of its body. It is because at night, their bodies are cut in half and the lower limbs are left hidden somewhere. It mostly eats babies and fetuses within a mothers womb. It eats babies by passing their long tongue to a small hole on the roof of a house. The sharp end touches the baby and all its blood is sucked out.

KAPRE - a big filthy creature who likes to smoke and hide within large trees. A Filipino bigfoot, it scares little children who play at night.

TIKBALANG - half-man, half-horse. It travels at night and rapes female mortals to give birth to more tikbalangs.

JUAN TAMAD - Lazy Man; a very lazy man who was buried under the soil by monkeys who thought he was dead because of his laziness. He is known to be the laziest man on earth.

BERNARDO CARPIO - a very strong and brave man who got stuck within a cave in Montalban, Rizal.

DUWENDE - dwarfs; little creatures who can shower good or bad luck.

NUNO SA PUNSO - spirits who live within mysterious lumps of soil who can shower good or bad luck to anyone who steps on their shelter.

MAMBABARANG - a wicked witch who uses insects and any material to enter the body of anyone they hate and come out disgustingly.

MANGKUKULAM or BRUHA - witches who cast evil spells.

SARIMANOK - a magical mythical bird who brings good luck to anyone who catches it.

MALAKAS and MAGANDA - Strong and Beautiful; they are the Filipino Adam and Eve who are said to appear from the large pecked bamboo tree.

MANAUL - mythical king who became a bird. He was said to make the seas and skies fight and this fight formed the Philippine islands.

BATHALA - God in the Filipino myths.

EKEK- creatures like humans but bird like. They have wings and fly in the night sky of the Philippines searching for flesh and blood.

Rural townspeople make legends to conclude the births of lands and seas near their area. Philippine mythology is composed of many fictious legends and creatures which can tell how Filipinos lived in a time unknown. These legends give moral lessons to the modern world and shows how great are the old eras.

References: Philippine Myths and Legends by Johnny C. Young

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