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The Philippine Society for Music Education (PSME), a non-profit association composed of music educators all over the country, was founded on November 23, 1971 by founding president Dr. Lucrecia S. Kasilag, who is now National Artist for music. It was created “to improve music education in all its areas, to share new knowledge and ideas on music and music education”.


Mission and Vision

The Society strongly believes in a general education that recognizes music as essential to the total development of pre-schools, elementary and secondary students. It seeks to:

  • Increase the level of awareness on the role of music as imperative in the aesthetic development of the Filipino culture.
  • Improve the standards of music instruction through music education training programs, workshops and seminars for classroom teachers.
  • Encourage the development of instructional materials for music.
  • Promote the performance of Philippine music on native musical instruments.
  • Coordinate with government and private educational institutions and provide assistance in making policies in music education and in recommending standards to be followed in the different levels of classroom music instruction.
  • Create dynamic linkages with other music and cultural organizations and institutions with related areas of concern.

Program and Services

The PSME provides the following:

  • Seminar workshops which address current trends and issues in the teaching and learning of music such as cultural diversity, the use of technology, Makabayan, early childhood music education, multiple intelligence and music in relation to other disciplines.
  • Music teaching demonstration lessons for teachers of music, art and social studies in the pre-school, elementary and secondary levels.
  • Development of teaching guides and instructional materials for classroom music teaching.
  • Quarterly lectures on music education at the PSME-PNU Resource Center for Music.
  • Organization and training of PSME Himig Kawayan performing ensembles.
  • Update of information via the homepage and the bi-annual PSME Newsletter.

Projects and Activities

The PSME has conducted various projects and activities from 2001 up to the present, including the following:

  • Two Outreach Teacher Training Seminar Workshops & Musical Growth for Teachers
  • Launching of “Musikang Pangkabataan at Edukasyon”
  • Interdisciplinary Education for Music Art and Social Studies Teachers
  • Annual Music Teaching Demonstrations
  • 2002 Annual Teaching Demonstration Series
  • Inauguration of PSME Resource Center
  • Meeting of PSME Executive Board with ISME President John Drummond and Past President Einar Salbu
  • President of PSME Leticia del Valle attends the 25th International Society for Music Ed (ISME) World Conference and Musical Festival in Begen, Norway
  • PSME General Assembly
  • National Music Education Seminar Workshop
  • Creative Music Experiences for the Pre-school
  • Annual Music Teaching Demonstration Lessons & Cross Cultural Musical Experiences
  • Participation of the PSME : Lakandula High School Himig Kawayan in the Opening Program of the 2005 National Arts Month
  • PSME Concert at the Park
  • The Bamboo Culture Project
  • Two Music Teaching Demonstration Sessions for Pre-School, Elementary and Secondary School Teachers
  • Cross Cultural Music Connections
  • Application to the Japan Grassroots Project for the acquisition of Himig Kawayan Ensemble Instruments for the use of Four Identified Schools.

These projects and activities were made possible through the following organizations:




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