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The Philippine Prose and Poetry is a series of four volumes prescribed by the Department of Education Bureau of Public Schools in Manila to Filipino high school students. It primarily aims to help the students develop the taste for good literature and imbibe to them the spirit of nationalism.



The series contains a selection of articles contributed by recognized Filipino writers with vocabulary study and checkup questions at the end of each selection. The selection of literary pieces found in the book includes short stories, essays, drama, novels, lyric and narrative poetry, orations, and speeches that relates to the students' experiences. It also provided biographies of the authors and acknowledged numerous editors, publishers, and copyright owners who contributed in the formation of the books. In 1963, the revised edition of the books was published by the Manila Bureau of Printing.


By virtue of the Philippine Commission, the high school system was established in 1902. During this time, secondary education in the Philippines has been highly influenced by the American system. However, the Philippine Prose and Poetry textbook marked a medium of instruction that imparts appreciation of Philippine culture to students through various selections of literary works included in the book.

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