Philippine Prehistoric Relics and Artifacts

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Prehistoric Relics and Artifacts category showcases the long list of Philippine prehistoric evidences - the traces of our civilization. This includes fossils, artifacts, ecofacts, features and sites in the Philippines. For clarity sake, let us first define some of our terminologies:

Fossils are information about human biology, which include bones and other remains of human beings. Environmental conditions, however, affect the preservation of fossils.

Artifacts refer to anything modified by man or made by man, including tools, weapons and other material creation. Objects that are excavated may or may not be related to those found near them.

Ecofacts are natural objects, like plants and animals, that have been used, altered or affected by man, and which have left impressions that they were utilized.

Features are those that cannot be easily removed, like ash remains and even caves.

Sites, however, are suspected locations of human activities, which can determine relative time through depth and stratification.

Listed below are the Philippine Prehistoric Finds classified according to type:

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  1. Tabon Man


  1. Manunggul Jar
  2. Laguna Copperplate Inscription
  3. Maitum Anthropomorphic Potteries
  4. Angono Petroglyphs
  5. Lal’lo Shell Middens
  6. Butuan Palaeograph
  7. Calatagan Pot
  8. Butuan Ivory Seal
  9. Balangay


  1. Cagayan Man (bones of stegodorn, rhinoceros and elephas)


  1. Maitum Cave
  2. Manunggul Cave
  3. Tabon Caves
  4. Guri Cave
  5. Pilar, Sorsogon
  6. Bato Caves
  7. Cagrarary Island Caves
  8. Tigkiw na Saday Cave
  9. Fuga Site
  10. Guyangan Cave
  11. Alab Petroglyph
  12. Batanes Islands Project
  13. Arku Cave
  14. Kalanay Site
  15. Kabayan Mummy Burial Caves
  16. Leta-Leta Cave
  17. Ubujan Caves
  18. Huluga Caves
  19. Seminoho Cave
  20. Kulaman Plateau, South Cotabato
  21. Duyong Cave
  22. Rito-Fabian Cave
  23. Sa’gung Rockshelter
  24. Pilandok Cave
  25. Ille Cave



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