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Philippine Practical Shooting Association (PPSA) was organized in 1982 by now Congressman Juan C. Ponce Enrile, Jr. who was first introduced to the sport of practical shooting as a student in the United States and subsequently brought the sport with him when he came back to the Philippines.

During that of time, the popular handgun sport in the country was the Practical Pistol Course or PPC. While it was more realistic than bull's eye shooting, the sport was limited to law enforcement personnel and only a select few of the civilian shooting aficionados in the country could get to practice it.

On November 11, 1982 Jack Enrile and a host of other sport shooting enthusiasts led by Johnny Garcia and Migo Ledesma gathered to make plans for the establishment of the Philippine Practical Shooting Association. In April, 1983 the PPSA conducted the first formal practical shooting competition in the country that was open to both the military, law enforcers and civilians - the 1st PPSA National Classification Mat.

In 1986, the PPSA was formally accepted by the IPSC, becoming its 23rd member region.

The IPSC Regional Director - Philippine Region is the official head of the PPSA, and has the sole authority to represent the Philippine Practical Shooting Association in any meeting or assembly called for by the IPSC and to initiate or receive official communications between the IPSC and the PPSA.


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