Philippine National AIDS Council

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Philippine National AIDS Council or "PNAC" is the central advisory, planning and policy-making body for the comprhensive and integrated HIV/AIDS prevention and control program in the Philippines.

It was created through EO 39 signed by the President Fedil Ramos on December 3, 1992. EO 39 mandated the PENAC to 'advise the President of the Republic of the Philippines regarding policy development for the prevention and control of AIDS... As an advisory body, although recommendations were made to the President, these were not necessarily acted upon. PNAC, however, served as a venue for intensive policy discussion between government and NGOs. This ensured that policies to be formulated and actions to be taken truly respond to Human Immunodefiency Virus (HIV) and AIDS as a social development issue requiring multi-sectoral attention.


Their Vision

A fully empowered nation where different individuals and sectors work in partnership to prevent HIV transmission and to lessen its impact on affected persons in particular, nad society in general.

Their Mission

PNAC shall lead in developing and sustaining an enabling enviroment where individuals and sectors can appropriately, effectively and expeditously respond to the many challenges of HIV/AIDS.PNAC shall foster commitment, coordination, cooperation and collaboration.




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